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Book Blast, Review and Giveaway: Tempting Clover by Decadent Kane


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Title: Tempting Clover

Author: Decadent Kane

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance

Audience: Adults

Formats: e-book only

Publisher: Breathless Press

Cover By: Fiona Jayde

Editor: Leona Bushman

Word Count: 19300 words

ISBN-13 : 978-1-77101-213-3

Release Date: 31 January, 2014


For two years, Clover has been at a goblin's beck and call. Two years of no orgasms. Until she heard a rumor the sage witch could help her break the goblin's curse. There's only a few minor details, like how would she find love on short notice and how deadly are nightshade berries?

Reed's life was simple, own a bar, walk to work, fight a little. He didn't expect to tangle with a wanton elfess who disappeared on him not once but twice. Let alone save her from a depraved goblin. He'd sworn off women like her for good, so why did he feel the need to protect her?


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Clover watched his chest widen as he inhaled. He owned the bar and did the tending? Impressive. One little thing to settle. "My savior..." she purred and reached for him, sliding her body up against his. "What do you want for your heroic deed, sir?" Her voice took on a note of sarcasm. "Perhaps I should repay you with a nice, long fuck. Is that what you want?" She brushed a hand along his chest and walked a circle around him. It's what all men wanted, and if she could oblige, she would. Despite her hurt pride, she found his masculinity, his strength penetrating every part of the bar, captivating.

"I want nothing from you. I only did what any gentleman would have done, Elfess."

Her heart skipped. He'd already nicknamed her. Anger flared. "I can handle myself. You had no reason to interfere." It didn't matter that she liked the nickname and how it rolled off his tongue in that smooth low voice. She didn't need a protector.

People began to stare.

"And what could you have done as his fist collided with your pretty face? I couldn't have that now, could I?" His eyebrow arched.

"It wouldn't have hit me. I would have moved out of the way. He was slow. I had everything under control. You men are all the same—only looking to fulfill your own pride, make sure you're seen in a good light. I'm no distressed elfling." Clover stepped back.

Anger permeated him. His nostrils flared out and his face turned the cutest shade of red. Clover resisted the urge to smile.

"Next time, I will oblige your pride." He advanced on her, taking away the distance between them. His jaw clenched when he reached her. Clover moved backwards, wary of his intentions. His green eyes glared. "Are you worried now, Elfess?"


5 out 5 Stars

Tempting Clover


Decadent Kane

Fan-freaking - tastic!

One terrible decision to trust, caused Clover her freedom. Now in the hands of a goblin she is unable to leave. Using Clover to obtain sexual essence, used for a spell, the goblin forces Clover to do his bidding. He sent Clover to a bar one night, and there she finds the elf of her dreams. Reed wasn’t looking for a woman, but when the sassy Clover walks into his bar, she turns his world upside down.

But before he could act on his desire, Clover disappears right before him. Afterwards Reed is plagued by the sexy elfess, but she is nowhere to be found. When she returns to his bar, she quickly tell him of her curse just before she disappeared again.

He follows lead and finds himself at a witch’s door, where he discovers that his elfess was being kept prisoner by a powerful goblin. Determined to free her, he waits for her to return to the witch and help lift her binding curse to the goblin. But the goblin is much stronger than anyone anticipated.

Fan-freaking - tastic! I could not stop reading until I was done. Kane have an amazing story here that just simply captures your attention and forces you to complete the journey with Clover and Reed. I was clinging to my kindle, dreading the outcome. The characters was amazing, and well developed. Clover was the sassy elfess that doesn’t back down from a fight, yet become the gently woman locked away inside her when she finds Reed waiting to rescue her.

Reed is the perfect hero. At first he denies his attraction to Clover, but soon can’t resist to get his hands on her. He is fierce and stands up to fight for the elfess that captured his heart within just a few minutes. Kane’s writing style was perfect and well written. I found myself at home immediately and simply devoured this story. I am definitely looking out for the next edition to this series. Well-deserved 5 stars from me.




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