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Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview: Affirmation by Rayna Noire @raynanoire

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Pagan Eyes

Book Four

Rayna Noire

Genre: YA Paranormal/Wiccan

Publisher: Sleeping Dragon Press

Date of Publication: September 28th

ISBN: 978-0-9966411-2-8


Number of pages: 270

Word Count: 65,015

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

Book Description:

Stella’s college life transforms from sweet to rancid when her boyfriend asks her to do the unthinkable. How did she end up holding her best friend’s future in her hands? Anything she does will trigger the disastrous conclusion. If that isn’t bad enough.

Add in a lunatic minister, a demi-goddess, and a walk through another dimension full of vindictive shrubbery and wildlife. It’s far from the typical freshman year.

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Character Name: Stella

Character Bio: Stella, an excellent student, probably due to throwing herself into academics helped her to avoid the battleground her home had become. Although attractive, she didn’t date in high school much afraid of ending up like her parents. Unhappy with her current life situation, she starts following a Wiccan path. Her best friend, Leah, and her family who are Earth-based religion practitioners are supportive. A scholarship at a faraway college offers escape from her situation, but resurrects her sense of inadequacy, especially when away from everything familiar.

Eclipse Character Emile De Raven

Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?

I hate these type of questions. I can come up with a ton of stuff I’m not good at. The good quality sometimes baffles me. Well, uhm, I guess I’m good at studying that’s why I got a scholarship not because the counselor felt sorry for me because of my parents’ very public divorce. As for the other, I guess I’m gullible. I guess I shouldn’t be by now, but I am.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?

I really am a nice, reasonably intelligent person. Unfortunately, I can’t come up with a quick comment, which results in people thinking I’m dumb and distant.

What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?

Talking about it makes me uneasy. Makes it more real. I cause bad things to happen. It’s no spell or anything. They happen. My father told me I was the reason he stayed with my mother and was miserable for so many years. Then, there was Kevin, a guy who committed suicide after he asked me to the prom. I am more like an unlucky charm.

What are you most afraid of?

Hard one. It changes. Sometimes I’m afraid of being alone. At other times, I’m afraid of the future. Then there is the fear of turning out like my mother, a bitter woman who drinks too much.

What do you want more than anything?

I want to find a place where I fit in.

What is your relationship status?

I considered myself to be in a relationship with Cam. The weird thing is no one else on campus seems to know about it.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

Whoa. Fashion, that’s for other people. I wear current clothes because it’s the easiest to buy. I’m not too casual, but no fashionista either. I have jeans and maxi dresses. It’s college, not a fashion catwalk.

How much of a rebel are you?

Depends what you consider a rebel. My switch from established religion to a Wiccan path might make me a rebel. My mother considers it a guarantee that I’ll end up in a lake of fire. She mentions it every chance she gets. Other than that, not so much, I actually attend classes.

What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?

Back in junior year, Leah and I did this report on religious intolerance. This was when she kept going back in time to the witch trials, which gave her an up on research. The teacher liked it so much she asked us to present it in front of the class. It was probably the only time I took a public stance. I thought everyone would ridicule us, but they didn’t. The usual mean girls did. They started calling us the witchy sisters. Probably considered it an insult, but we liked it.

What is your idea of happiness?

This another difficult question. My goal is to graduate with a degree in something that people will pay me money to do. This way I can live wherever I want, possibly a large city since it provides more anonymity. I’d have hobbies and a pet. I’d have enough money to travel.





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About the author


Rayna Noire is an author and a historian. The desire to uncover the truth behind the original fear of witches led her to the surprising discovery that people believed in magick in some form up to 150 years ago. A world that believed the impossible could happen and often did must have been amazing. With this in mind, Ms. Noire taps into this dimension, shapes it into stories about Pagan families who really aren’t that different from most people. They do go on the occasional time travel adventures and magick happens.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Affirmation. The photo of the blonde is my representation of Stella. :)