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Review: 5 out of 5 Stars for Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano


5 out of 5 Stars
Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano

Wow this book takes some interesting turns, and leaves you thinking real hard.

Book addict Karla receives an ARC for her birthday and when home can’t wait to get lost inside it. But that night she falls asleep, and with a paper cut, leaves a drop of blood on the arc, her last thoughts of the bad boy in the book and how she wants him. Unknowingly, with this, she summoned him from his world, right into hers. She wakes up the next morning and find the very bad boy she was dreaming about, sitting right there in real life. Tall, sexy, dangerous, razor sharp teeth, a tail and oh yeah; eats everything he can hunt down. Her life is thrown into chaos from that moment. Trying to control supernatural creatures in a human world isn’t that easy. But she falls hard for him, maybe too hard.

Karla was such a treat! She tries her best to handle her new found situation and trying to control Kann in her world. She has spunk, wit and a lot of fight in her. Kann is the total bad boy package, doesn’t take no for an answer, drives you insane and wants to kill and eat everything in his path. At first he denies his heart desires and just bluffs his way through the most of their relationship, but when Karla puts him to the test, his bad boy getup crashes, comically.

I was so intrigued with this novel. From the start you get thrown into an incredible dream like situation, but soon you find yourself re-thinking about your fictional wishes. Karla had hard time controlling Kann, and ultimately had to sacrifice her own life and world to keep them both save. The sparks fly between the two and soon their love is so powerful, that worlds don’t matter anymore.

The authors writing style was relaxing, easy going and perfect. I felt right at home and devoured it in one big reading session. There are a few twists and turns in this book that made sure I could not put it down. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Karla and Kann. The end had me craving for it to continue so I can see what is going to happen next, especially with Karla’s big intervention. Well done to the author and her team! A well deserved 5 Starts and I recommend you get your hands on this one.

Quote from the book: [As soon as we knocked on the door, a pretty spunky little thing jumped up from behind it. “Good evening, I’m Janice. Ms. Deville will be right with you, please come in. Make yourselves comfortable.”
I hated Janice immediately.
“Would you like some drinks?” She beamed.
Her bouncy voiced annoyed the hell out of me. Her whole persona instantly annoyed me as soon as Kann laid eyes on her and smiled. I cringed at a sudden desire to bash her head in, and then his. Ugly monsters of jealousy would haunt me forever, I had a feeling.]


18004238 Gargoyle Addiction
Otherworlds Summons Book One
Livia Olteano
Genre: New Adult (Spicy!) Paranormal Romance
Expected Publication: July 15 2013
Book Description:
Summonari don’t trust. Under their command, they summon any number of creatures from the Otherwolds—but never trust them outside of the summoning.
Gargoyles don’t love. Fierce descendants of dragons, they function on power and fear—never love.
Karla isn’t the happily-ever-after type of girl. No territory-hungry guy is going to stick flags all over her unclaimed grounds.
Kann’s world is death and betrayal. As Dar Primus of Haus Varis, he’s expected to follow tradition but he’s not your regular gargoyle. In fact, he’s anything but.
One fateful Friday night, Otherworlds collide. Stuck together in one world or another, Karla and Kann face everything from Awakenings and turbulent love to Festnavals and bloodthirsty scorned suitors.
If there’s one thing they can’t escape, it’s the addiction to each other. And they’ve got it bad.
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