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5*Review: Ecstasy Claimed -The Guardians of the Realms Book 2 by Setta Jay @settajay_

Hidden Ecstasy
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 0.5
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: January 16, 2014
Number of pages: 39
Word Count: 10,305
Book Description:
Ever since the Gods were sent to sleep for their sins against humanity, Vane, the son of Athena has been avoiding exile to the Immortal Realm. He, his dark, brooding twin and their sister have spent their lives hidden amongst humanity on Earth. According to their sister’s cryptic powers they needed to stay there for a purpose they’d yet to find.  As the centuries ticked by he grew restless, recklessly tangling deeper with a very dangerous female.
As one of the Guardians of the Realms it was Brianne’s duty to ensure that humanity evolved without being subjugated by more powerful beings. For too long she had succumbed to the lure of a powerfully seductive Demi-God that could never truly be hers, one that she should have exiled long ago. It was a secret that could cost her, cost them all, but the danger only added to her need.
Their desire was breaking all the rules…
Warning: This story is intended for a mature audience and contains explicit sex and a dominant male behaving badly.  Enjoy!
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Excerpt Hidden Ecstasy :
Plaster shattered around his thick shoulders. Vane smelled the dust mixing with the sweet scent of arousal permeating the room. Lust-filled amber gazed into his own bright blue. He narrowed his eyes and flipped her around to crash her bare back into the hard wood of the door they had entered moments before. His long pale hair brushed against his cheeks with the speed of the movements. Brianne’s breath exhaled in a rush, followed by a low moan. Her skin felt soft and silky against his palms. He grasped her tightly to him, feeling the bite of her fingers on his biceps. Caging her firmly against his body, he first lifted, then pinned her hands next to her head.
Her full breasts pressed into his chest. The stiff points of her nipples rubbed him through his thin tee and he relished the friction. He took her lips forcefully as she fought to take back control of the situation. Her usual attempt, when all she fucking wanted was to be subdued. It was always a battle.
She nipped at his lips and he plunged his tongue deep. A low growl vibrated deep inside his chest. Brianne’s tongue tangled with his, becoming more and more demanding with each caress. He leaned down to angle his head for a more thorough exploration. Even in her high ‘fuck me’ heels, he still had a good seven inches on her. As a female Guardian of the Realms, her size had zero to do with the strength and power packed into her lithe frame. As she fought his hold, her eyes grew glazed with desire, enjoying how fully he had her under his control. It was what he watched for.
“How hard?” He growled against her bottom lip and then nipped sharply, knowing the answer before she voiced it.
“As hard as you can give it, kitten.” She grinned wickedly at him as she issued the challenge in that sultry cadence that never failed to go straight to his balls. One long, toned thigh slid up his hip, pushing the silky material of her dress up with it. He could scent her sweet pussy and couldn’t wait to get his mouth down there to lap up all that delicious cream.
He grinned devilishly as he said, “Gladly, my little lark.”
She snapped at his lower lip. He touched his tongue to the sting and tasted his own blood. She enjoyed her nickname as much as he liked the one she’d given him. His grin grew wider at the sight of her narrowed lids. Both were predators in their own rights. The irony in their other forms never escaped him. He let his gaze track her long copper-colored hair. It fell in wild waves, framing her delicate features and pouty lips. He loved her hair, loved to have it wrapped around his fists as he fucked her hard.
He leaned in, licking up her throat to her ear, and took his own sharp nip. “You’ll pay for making me bleed, my sweet songbird.” He chuckled when she growled at him. He’d always enjoyed their games.
Before she went for more blood, he bumped his jean-covered cock against her stomach and pushed her arms down to her sides, trapping them. He didn’t give her time to anticipate his next move. Instead he swiftly lifted and tossed her the ten plus feet onto the big bed in their secret hideaway. She bounced and then quickly spun around, facing him on her hands and knees. Her green dress gapped, giving him a nice glimpse of her unbound breasts. She wore nothing under the slip of silk. The fabric was no more than a tease that went with the golden stilettos.
He stalked forward, watching as her eyes ate up his every move. He lifted and tossed his shirt to the floor. His sensitive hearing picked up the hitch in her breathing, indicating just how hot the sight of his muscled chest made her. She eyed him intently as his hands moved to the button of his jeans, watching with rapt attention as he lowered the denim from his heated flesh. He wore nothing beneath the material and his cock sprang free, released from the hellish confines. Her gaze latched onto the series of piercings along his shaft and she licked her lips. She seemed to love the way the silicone balls felt as they slid deep inside her channel. He’d only had them a few years; judging from the covetous look at his cock, it was long enough for her to crave the feel of them. He grinned roguishly at her as he kicked off first his boots, then jeans and socks, all while she silently watched and waited. She would strike soon, she always did.
As he made his way to the bed, she launched at him. She wrestled him for control before he took her down, face first into the soft bedding. Her ass caressed his cock as he straddled her hips. She bucked and fought against his hold. As a Guardian, she was strong as fuck, but not stronger than a son of the Goddess Athena. “Yield, and I’ll eat your little pussy… first.”

Ecstasy Unbound
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 1
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: January 29, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9965521-0-3
ASIN: B00I55WP00
Number of pages: 302
Word Count: 86,220
Book Description:
As one of the twelve Guardians, Urian has spent the last several centuries in a constant battle to keep the inhabitants of Earth’s Realms under control.  Humanity has to evolve, hell beasts need to die, and Immortals need mates.  But lately, Uri's mind is overrun with thoughts of when his sexy voyeur will find him again, watching him from the shadows, continuing their wicked game.  All Guardians are forbidden contact with the little goddess and her brothers, but his need for her escalating, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep from pinning her down on the nearest surface and making her his.
Alexandra has managed to evade the Guardians and being cast out from the human Realm for centuries, ever since the Creators sent the Gods to sleep for their sins against humanity and banished all Immortals.  Always sensing that she was needed on Earth, only once has Alex gone against her instincts and the price she paid will forever haunt her.  It is for that reason she forces herself to stay away from the only male who has ever truly enticed her.  The only one who has ever made her long for what she knows is dangerous.
In a desperate need to help her beloved brother, she will have to go to the enthralling Guardian, her dark obsession, and even though he will surely attempt to exile her, she won't go easily…
Warning: This book contains explicit and sizzling sex scenes with big dominant males. MFM, ménage, and light bondage.
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  Excerpt  Ecstasy Unbound:
“What are you doing here?” The deep sexy growl to Uri’s voice made things tighten low in her body. Alex closed her eyes at the sensual vibration of it before realizing it was coming to her through the cool breeze instead of inside her mind.
Opening her eyes, she saw that he was mere feet from her. Oh, Gods, he was even more edible up close. She felt the heat coming off his body in waves, licking along her skin. Her heart beat recklessly faster. All six foot eight inches of pure muscled, half-naked Uri stood almost within touching distance, arms crossed and scowling. His near shoulder-length, dark hair was wet and glistening under the night sky. It was mussed like he’d just rubbed a towel over it. The smell of his shampoo was a faint hint in the background of his own seductive scent. Enough to bring visions of him in his upstairs shower, lathering up all that gorgeous skin. What she wouldn’t give to have been with him, soaping every hot inch of his rigidly muscled torso until she was kneeling in front of that big cock. Mesmerizing eyes of liquid silver swirled… hypnotizing her under tightly furled dark brows. She was sure those eyes had been the downfall of many a female; they were absolutely enthralling.
Her breath left in a tight groan she didn’t have time to suppress. She caught a slight tilt to his lips and the heating of his eyes. She was embarrassed, but not enough to stop her first up-close perusal of the male that had haunted her dreams for centuries. He had such perfect kissable lips, the bottom slightly more full, just begging her to suck and nibble on it. Taut thighs were encased in loose-fitting dark exercise pants hanging dangerously low, while the pure mass of his chest was exposed to her gaze. Bronzed skin gleamed with moisture in the dark, and she wanted nothing more than to lick every drop as it traveled the dips and valleys en route to the vee above the low-hanging fabric at his waist. Her eyes traveled over his eight pack before hitting the soft fabric that did nothing to hide his growing erection. She clenched her thighs as her own desire slid from her body. Her chest began heaving as she fought the need to move toward him.
She needed to get it together. She took a deep calming breath and then nearly moaned again. What was it that he smelled of? It was so much more than clean male. It was like aged port, sweet and decadent, so tempting she wanted to cover herself in it. Bathe in it. There had to be something in his chemical makeup meant to attract, because no other male had ever smelled so tantalizing.
“Keep eating me up with those eyes, little Goddess, and I’ll be so deep inside that hot little pussy you won’t remember what you came here for.” His voice was a deep raspy growl, making her even hotter. “Unless that was what you need my help for.” His voice dipped lower, and she swore he moved closer.
She felt her body start to pitch forward before guilt assailed her. She shouldn’t be feeling things that were definitely not related to what she was there for. She needed to keep her wits if she was going to help her brother. She mentally smacked herself, licked her dry lips, and heard a soft groan, which lifted her gaze to him. “No, I need your help.” Gods, what she wouldn’t give for him to do as he said, but she had to help her brother. Clearing her throat, she added, “I need your help… first.” Was that her voice? She sounded sultry as she issued that last little hint of promise.
He inhaled deeply as he brought his arms to the sides of his body. His hands flexed as he said, “Yeah, I got that the first time. Could you get to the part of why the hell you’re coming to me, and what you think I need to help you with? Especially since I should be exiling your hot little ass on sight…
Ecstasy Claimed
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 2
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: March 26, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9965521-1-0
Number of pages: 296
Word Count: 85,140
Book Description:
Gregoire has spent centuries with his brother Guardians fighting for the safety and security of the Realms.  Endless decades of battling mixed with bouts of mindless sex to sate his needs.  Needs that haven’t truly been fulfilled since she was born.  The one destined to be his bonded mate.  For the last twenty five years Gregoire has kept his distance giving her time to grow into a female who is capable of handling his intense dominance.
Alyssa has done everything that was expected of her, until the day she finds out she has a mate who has left her unclaimed. Unheard of when mates are rare and coveted. Even worse is the fact that he is the most powerful of her race and a Guardian of the Realms. Furious at the rejection she decides she is now in charge of her life.  No more will she allow others to rule her.
Against the backdrop of evil forces that are conspiring to topple the Realms, can Gregoire find his wayward mate before she is taken by corrupt Immortals?  Can Alyssa forgive him and learn to exert her own female power while surrendering to his savage passion? And will the two of them be able to forge a mate bond that cannot be severed... or will they be forever cursed with an Ecstasy Unclaimed?
Warning: Dirty talking, possessive alpha male; scenes of sexual exhibition; an instance of f/f; spankings and more.
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Excerpt  Ecstasy Claimed:
Gregoire was nearly feral by the time they entered the media room. He struggled to handle whatever the fuck just happened. He’d never melded with anyone when he teleported, but it felt like that was exactly what had happened with his mate. He could still feel the sensation of her in his skin. He clasped both hands onto Alyssa’s tight ass. “Mine,” he growled at her as he buried his head in her neck, licking her sweet-tasting skin. He ground his erection into her core and heard a small gasp and low moan as she rubbed her barely covered breasts against his chest. He looked down at the full mounds pressed tight against him. She was hot and aroused as his fingers caressed the soft, smooth skin of her ass; his palms spanned each firm cheek, so fucking tiny. He would need to be fucking careful not to break her when he finally buried his cock deep. Shit, he hoped she could take him.
Concentration on anything but his mate proved nearly impossible. She leaned up and bit his lower lip. “I don’t belong to anyone.” Her challenging words hit him hard. His grip on her ass tightened, and he rubbed her pussy up his shaft until she tilted her head and bit his neck, before licking away the sting.
His head buzzed with need. He scented the arousal seeping from her body, and he turned her into the nearest wall, pinned her back and ripped the tie from her hair. He fisted the long chestnut waves, tilting her for his lips. She moaned and opened for him. He plunged inside and took her tongue with his, tangling them as he bumped his hips against her sweet spot. He savored her every bit of sweetness as their tongues dueled. He slid a hand back to her firm little ass. She was trying to ride his cock, and that’s exactly how he wanted her.
Ecstasy Claimed (The Guardians of the Realms, #2)Ecstasy Claimed by Setta Jay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For twenty five years Gregoire have watched from afar, giving his mate time to grow into the female that would be able to handle his intense dominance. Now the time have come to claim her, but it may have been too late. For twenty five years Alyssa was the rut of the pack, and now she discovers that she had a mate, that didn’t want to claim her. Furious at the rejection she decides she is now in charge of her life. No more will she allow others to rule her.
Against the backdrop of evil forces that are conspiring to topple the Realms, can Gregoire find his wayward mate before she is taken by corrupt Immortals? Can Alyssa forgive him and learn to exert her own female power while surrendering to his savage passion? And will the two of them be able to forge a mate bond that cannot be severed... or will they be forever cursed with an Ecstasy Unclaimed?
The intense adventure continues with the guardians. Again Jay captures the reader’s attention from page one and keeps you captivated to the last page. As the plot thickens, tensions rise and the guardians are met with more trouble and mates. It’s an action packed adventure, laced with erotic temptation that will leave you utterly breathless. With exceptional writing you can’t help but find yourself lost in this dark yet amazing world Jay created.

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Denying Ecstasy
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 3
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: June 28, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9965521-2-7
Number of pages: 292
Word Count: 81,730
Book Description:
A headstrong sassy mortal, Rain is a Mageia living in Tetartos, the Realm of beasts and Immortals.  Her nights have been restless, filled with sensual dreams of a big blonde Guardian whose glares indicate he wants nothing to do with her.  She is determined to shake off the odd feelings until she finds out her dream lover is responsible for her rescue from a demented Demi-God.  In doing so, his touch ignites something rare and coveted.  Something that she’s never anticipated… Something he should have told her about.  Rain is set on making him explain and then feel the full force of her ire.
After a devastating betrayal resulting in the loss of a close friend a century ago, Dorian refuses to trust or engage with Immortals other than his Guardian family.  His years of brutal fighting in the underground Immortal rings are over.  He patrols the Realms and slakes his lust with the humans on Earth.  Existing, but not living as he used to.  He knows the moment he scents Rain that he has found his mate and after touching her he plans to avoid her as long as he can... Until he learns she is in danger.  Raging, his beast demands that he go to her, but taking her from their enemy has repercussions he fully plans to escape at all costs.
For Dorian, finding a way out of mating Rain means he could succumb to madness and harm those that mean so much to him… but giving in to his burning urge for her means losing control in a heated mating frenzy sure to ignite them both and link them forever.
Warning: This book is intended for adult audiences; brief instances of M/F/F and M/F/M ménage; voyeurism and sexually explicit scenes.
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Excerpt Denying Ecstasy:
“Put. Me. Down,” she said and then nipped at his lip again. That thick lip called to her, and Rain hated that it tempted her so damn much. She wanted to know what it felt like against her skin, over her lips, on her nipples. She glared at it as if the flesh itself were to blame for her torment.
Before she could do anything more, his lips were on hers. His mouth taking, demanding her surrender. She fought it, could have fought his rough tactics forever, but when Dorian softened the kiss, she got lost. Caught off guard by the gentleness, her lips parted, and his tongue slipped inside, soft and seductive. Everything fell away as it delved in and mingled with hers. He gentled, tempting and tasting her until she was wild for more of him. Her hands went to his wet hair and over his rough jaw. He tasted of something addicting. She was getting drunk on it as his lips grew aggressive and demanding again.
“Spread your thighs.” He demanded harshly, his hands moving to her thighs. Her vision was getting hazy. She felt drugged and needed so much more of it. She groaned, unable to stop from parting her legs to make room for him against her pussy. His lips took hers again, his tongue sliding in, exploring, seducing. She moaned as he rubbed against her clit and massaged her thighs and ass with his palms. She needed… her mind and thoughts were gone as they moved together. He was intoxicating her on purpose, rolling his hips into her until she was whimpering into his questing mouth and soaking the fabric separating them. She was almost consumed with lust, never had she been kissed like he was kissing her.
She raked her nails over his shoulders and back. He was so hot, burning up. His muscles twitched under her hands as he half groaned, half growled, and the vibration sent tingles over her skin, pulling her further into the haze.
His lips moved to her jaw. “Tilt your neck back.” He demanded. She gasped as one of his big hands tunneled into her hair. A slight tug angled her neck and the small bite of pain made her pussy throb. His lips trailed over the sensitive skin. She was panting, barely able to breathe as his teeth tugged on her sensitive lobe and his warm breath at her ear left her whimpering for more. His thumb gently caressed the pulse point at her neck and traced down her shoulder, leaving gooseflesh in its wake as it moved further down to the side of her aching, swollen breast. She couldn’t breathe, lost in what he was doing to her. She felt his muscles quaking under her hands as his tongue and teeth tormented her. His hot palm plumped her breast and one thumb slid over her tight nipple, wringing a strangled cry from her lips.
“You taste so fucking good.” He growled.
Desperation crowded inside her mind, along with panic and anger. It was strong enough to pull her from the seductive fog she’d gotten lost in. She yanked at the back of his hair to look at him. Between panting breaths she watched the war going on in his overly bright eyes. What the hell was wrong with her? She needed to stop this. She was no one’s doormat, and she could see how he was trying to fight through the lust. She also saw something else. More than the pain and regret she’d felt before. Longing. The frenzy was fucking with them both. If she did nothing, he would fuck her right up against the wall. Her pussy tightened, dying for him to do just that. She closed her eyes, desperately trying to find the anger. It was the only weapon she had to fight through the haze.
“You don’t get to be a dick and then think I’ll let you fuck me.” The words didn’t come out nearly as strong as she’d hoped, more a panting whisper.
He dipped a finger under her bikini bottoms, and she bit her cheek to stop the moan that welled up. He brought his finger to her lips. “Don’t lie to me. The fact that your legs are wrapped around me and your pussy is soaking through my pants tells me you’d love it if I fucked you right here, right now. You want to ride my dick as I pin you against this wall.”
She flicked her tongue out and tasted her own desire. It was a compulsion she regretted succumbing to when his eyes flashed with heat and she felt his arms shaking with tension. “Yes, but you still haven’t earned that… or me…”
Tempting Ecstasy
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 4
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: September 30, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9965521-3-4
ASIN: B00NZ8F392
Number of pages: 296
Word Count: 83,600
Book Description:
Conn had spent the millennia of his life fighting alongside his brethren as a Guardian of the Four Realms.  He’d never allowed himself to imagine that he would be gifted a mate but her scent was inside him now. The intoxicating lure incited his wolf to track her and claim her in a sexual frenzy she could never deny.  He refused to repeat the mistakes his brothers had made in their unions, instead he planned to fight the demands of his beast and tempt his female.
Dacia had spent the years of her life as a guardian of her family's secrets.  Her days were consumed with helping her siblings search for the Immortals who had escaped the God Apollo’s brutal training camps with her parents thousands of years ago.  They were the only hope of finding answers to questions about their lives.  Questions her parents hadn’t resolved before their deaths.
Not in her wildest of dreams would Dacia have imagined the answers would instead find her.  Or what form those answers would take.  The breathtaking male who stepped out of the night and into her life was certainly not one of the hidden Immortals her parents had told of, he was so much more.  Wielding both immense power and thrilling strength he aroused not only her body but the wolf hidden within.
Dacia needed to find a way to trust her seductive Guardian, not only with herself, but with her family as well.  But how long could she hold out against both the intensity of the mating frenzy that demanded sexual release, and the wickedly sexy male who was tempting not just her body... but also her heart?
Warning: This book is intended for an adult audience. It contains explicit sex; voyeurism; dirty talking males with bad language.
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Excerpt Tempting Ecstasy:
Dacia was being watched. She felt an itch at the nape of her neck the entire time she went about setting up her living room. She’d been waiting until dark to set the protection spells that would guard against intrusion, but feeling those eyes, she hadn’t done it.
The scents of wood polish and new paint were interfering with her senses. It was a little better after airing the place, but she still hadn’t detected anything from outside. She slipped on some dark running shoes and a black tee shirt. She wasn’t one for waiting around, and the red shirt was too bright for what she planned. If there was a human prowler out there, she would make sure to put a stop to his nocturnal activities. He wouldn’t find his evening quite so enjoyable. Preying on single females was not acceptable, and she could surely find a creative, non-traceable way to make it stop, once she saw what she was dealing with.
She flicked off the light and waited. Dacia took a few moments to tighten her ponytail and quickly peek out the window but saw nothing out of the ordinary. She glided silently toward her bedroom door, thinking she could really use a run when she was done. She loved to run in the rain, and the air changing around her made her skin pull tight with the need to let her beast free. A run was exactly what she needed.
She hadn’t heard a sound, but the scent filtering through the room made her falter mid-step. She inhaled deeply as her breasts peaked and her skin pulled tight. Need trailed down her body. The scent was incredible, like some intense narcotic coming to lull her into erotic fantasies. Her pussy grew slick and hot. She heard her beast whimpering and felt the intense compulsion to rub that scent all over her body. That shocked her into stillness. She leaned forward, inhaling more of the earthy aphrodisiac. What the hell was it?
Dark, dangerous and utterly beautiful was the only way to describe the male standing inside the doorway to her bedroom. In her home. Panic warred with her beast’s desire for the male. His dark hair was a little long, and there were black piercings in one eyebrow that framed glowing amber gold eyes. Mesmerizing. His jaw and every inch of his face was masculine chiseled perfection, including his firm lips. Power fell off him in waves as she stood caught inside it all. He wore a dark tee shirt under a green and black flannel, unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up to show strong forearms covered in ink.
Fear that something was severely wrong with her instincts snapped her back. He wasn’t human, that much was certain by all that power rolling over her skin.
She sent a telepathic call to her sisters and threw her power as her beast snarled and snapped, fighting her. He was dangerous whether her wolf believed it or not. A point proven when her telekinetic blast had little effect on his easily six-and-a-half-foot muscled frame. Her sisters were in her head, wanting answers, but she had nothing to give. His heavy lidded eyes flared to another intense level of arousal when her power hit him; it should have knocked him out of the room. Instead he seemed unfazed by it. His nostrils flared, and he smiled seductively at her.
“I’m not going to hurt you, princess.” His voice was deep with traces of a throaty growl that only made things worse.
“I’m not your princess. Who are you?” she snapped, even though the way he said the ridiculous endearment made her blood pulse and her beast roll. Her traitorous animal liked it.
“What does your beast think?” he asked instead of answering her. He knew her animal was compromised.
Her pussy ached, and she couldn’t help inhaling all the earthy decadence, which only seemed to be getting stronger, hotter. Self-preservation kicked in, and she threw more power, this time with all her strength, but he absorbed it. Her eyes widened at his smile.
“Fuck, you’re incredible.” He groaned.
Her wolf mewled for her to go to him, but she knew that wasn’t logical, wasn’t right. Panic was mixing with the uncontrollable lust for the gorgeous male. He’d look dangerous even if she couldn’t feel all the raw power emanating from him, licking at her every nerve ending. She felt wild, charged as she tracked his graceful moves. His muscles were tense as he tilted his head and scented the air like the pure male predator he was. She told herself she studied him to find a weakness, but there was nothing vulnerable about him. What did he want? Not to kill her, no, the scent of his arousal made it clear he wanted her naked not dead. But why her, how had he even found her, and what had he done to make her beast lose control?
“What did you do to me?” She gritted her teeth, fighting her animal. He hadn’t said who he was, just stared at her, his eyes tracing every inch of her body. She couldn’t define the look in his eyes; it was raw and possessive as if she belonged to him, as if he wanted her more than he wanted anything else. Desired more from her than just her body, and that scared her. She wanted to retreat, but her beast wanted to pounce. She tuned out her sisters’ panic coming through their mental link, unable to focus on them and the threat standing in her bedroom. He’d blocked the only real exit route.

Piercing Ecstasy
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 5
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: January 31, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9965521-4-1
Number of pages: 295
Word Count: 77,940
Book Description:
After a hellish month of searching, Immortal warrior Jax and his brethren, the Guardians of the Realms, are nowhere near finding the sleeping God who was stolen by their enemy.  As if that isn't problem enough, after millennia, other Guardians are dropping like flies to the mating frenzy.  Jax never dreamed he could be next.  After all, he’s too flawed, his sexual appetite too insatiable to ever be completely fulfilled by one being.  Could a lone female even handle his needs let alone quench his never ending desire?
Ileana lives a solitary life in the shadows, a ghost thirsting for vengeance.  A warrior Ailouros, half cat, whose sheer existence has been kept secret by a special ability no one can know exists, she is closed off and trusts no one.  After thousands of years spent in near isolation while hunting her prey, she has finally found a clue leading to the location of her enemy.  Revenge is at hand.
When a fantastically hot Guardian unknowingly puts himself in the middle of a deadly intrigue, nearly ruining her careful plans, Ileana is forced to make a choice.  Her one chance at finding vengeance will hinge on hurling them both into piercing ecstasy.
Warning: This book is intended for an adult audience.  There are dirty talking Guardians with bad language, some violence, and explicit scenes hot enough to give you cat scratch fever.  
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Excerpt Piercing Ecstasy:
Jax pinned his mate beneath him before she could even blink. Her small hands caught on his shoulders as the air jolted from her lungs.
“You’re really starting to piss me off with that shit, and trust me, you don’t want that. You. Are. Mine. This is for fucking eternity, and I take that shit seriously.”
She looked up at him, swallowing hard, her throat working. Was she searching for a way to refute what he’d said?
He cocked a challenging brow.
“Now explain,” Jax demanded. His female was driving him insane, but at the same time he enjoyed her fire. How did his brothers do this? He knew the answer to that fucked-up question. Not one of them had a prickly female with an attitude that rivaled Sander’s. No one had a fiery hellcat under their skin, setting them aflame. Fuck, she drove him nuts and ignited him in every damned way.
“Explain what?” she snapped.
“Tell me what exactly has you running scared?” He could actually hear her molars grinding and wanted to shake his head, or her. A mating was a rarity, something every damned Immortal dreamed of. It seemed her dreams ran exclusively to vengeance and he wanted to understand that, from her lips not the thoughts he’d heard.
“I’m not scared of anything. I have a life of my own. I like solitude and there’s no rule against that,” she snarled.
She pushed against him, moving him an inch. She was taking deep breaths, an obvious attempt to diffuse her anger. The female had a temper. He wanted to know more about her. Shit, he intended to give her more than he’d ever offered another being. They would have what his brothers shared with their mates; to do that he needed to understand her.
She was different. She’d done something to him that he’d never imagined possible, and he was still wrapping his mind around it. He’d hoped things would be different with a mate; he’d never expected it to be everything…
The constant driving need to come wasn’t the same now. He still wanted her, the need was there, but his edginess had leveled out for the first time ever. The sweet taste of her pussy had started it, and filling her with come had taken him to new heights. Ones that left him stronger, left him in awe of his female.
He mentally shook his head. Even with his cock still hard and wanting her again, he was content to figure this shit out, and he would. He’d ferret out every secret his mate was hiding so they could move on.
“Let me up,” she snarled.
He forced his animal back. The cat wanted one thing, to claim her and finish this, sink his teeth into her soft skin and mark her, blood bond her now for eternity. His beast didn’t give a shit about her commitment issues and anxiety. It was too soon. She’d run or fight, and if she did, his cat would hunt, dominate, pin her down, fuck her as his teeth pierced her silky flesh.
He leaned in and nipped her pouty lower lip, letting her feel the pressure but not breaking the skin. She moaned and he lifted up on his arms, looking down at her flushed cheeks, pleased with her response.
After a deep breath she snarled, “Let me up.”
His eyes focused on her lips and then moved to her flashing eyes. Her cat was close to the surface and he could smell just how much she wanted him again. “Start talking, kitten.”
“I get it,” she growled. “Point made. You’re a big overbearing ass.” He watched the flickering of her eyes, practically saw her fighting the animal back.
He growled as he searched her mutinous eyes. She was so damned feisty and it was obvious she had no intention of telling him anything about herself, yet.
“Kitten, you need to learn some manners.” He looked down at her beautiful face, getting caught up in the miracle of what she was to him. He felt incredible and it was all because of her, not that he was stupid enough to share that fact with her. She wasn’t ready.
“Please let me up?” she growled. At least her panic had eased, making plenty of room for the frustration and annoyance showing on her beautiful face.
“Was it really so hard?” His lips twitched and he shook his head.
He heard a faint growl slip from her throat and it made his cock harder. He moved to his side. He was losing sight of the conversation they were supposed to be having. She was too damned addicting. The minute he eased away, she jumped from the bed. He settled his hands behind his head, a deceptively nonthreatening pose to ease her as he tracked her movements.
Her eyes kept slipping to his chest, over the piercings he hadn’t let her play with, and he grinned at the heated look she gave them. She wanted to play with him, he knew that. Her eyes slid to the tats on his shoulders, finally moving down his stomach to his cock, which pulsed in greeting. Her eyes changed from blue to gold, the cat fighting to get out, to get to him. He loved everything about that look. He grinned and her eyes shot to his lips.
“Why not start by telling me where you live?” He’d go easy on her, for now.
She swallowed and then closed her eyes for a second before snarling, “We. Are. Not. Friends.”
“No. We. Are. Mates,” he growled back with a raised brow.
“So that automatically makes us perfect for each other?” She pfft’d.

Binding Ecstasy
The Guardians of the Realms
Book 6
Setta Jay
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Publisher: Setta Jay, LLC
Date of Publication: May 28, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9965521-5-8
Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 73,940
Book Description:
A Beautiful Weapon Contained.
Natasha and her sister were created with sinister purpose.  They were Apollo's most deadly and potent weapons. After finally escaping the evil God long ago, they made a secret life concealed among humanity in Earth Realm.  There, Tasha has spent her nights  watching the mortals at her club engage in erotic scenes that leave her aching… desperately longing for someone with the power to dominate her, to provide the pleasure she craves.  For her own safety she knows she’s destined to live her life in the shadows, but when she sees a male who sparks an insatiable hunger she is unable to remain hidden.
A Powerful Guardian Restrained.
Bastian and his fellow Guardians have spent the last month in a fruitless search for Apollo.  They know that something dangerous is on the horizon and it is imperative they lock away the corrupt God immediately.  After recently witnessing a number of his brethren find their fated mates, Bastian never considered that he would also be blessed.  But when the calm and controlled Guardian sees his alluring and seductive female he learns just how wild and consuming the mating frenzy can be.  However, his mate is incredibly powerful and at risk of being caged by his own brothers if he doesn’t do everything, including lie, to protect her.
Immovable Object, Meet Irresistible Force.
It's a battle that both will win if they can survive the deadly forces, both friend and foe, that surround them.
Warning: This novel is intended for a mature audience.  You will find kick-ass females, explicit sex, voyeurism and alpha males with bad language.
Available at
Amazon     BN     Kobo     Smashwords    ARe

Excerpt Binding Ecstasy:
When her eyes snapped open, she realized her fantasy had become reality. He’d slipped through the club’s wards. Gooseflesh rose over her ultrasensitive skin and her nipples pulled tight as his power licked at her aching body. Tasha pulled herself up to standing. She was comfortable in her near nudity. Aroused and far from embarrassed.
Could she have him? Just once feel all that leashed power and intensity focused on her? Take the pleasure his eyes were promising.
She breathed deeply, taking in his heady pheromones, and felt her already aroused body weep for him.
She watched as he sucked in a breath between those firm perfect lips. Her ears caught the whisper of a low growl as his hard muscled shoulders pulled even tighter and he stared at her. The pulse beat at the column of his throat, drawing her complete focus. She wanted to lick every dip and taste his masculine essence.
He murmured in a language she hadn’t heard in centuries. The sexy cadence was nothing compared to the words; their meaning was intensely beautiful and nothing she could possibly translate into anything that would give it justice. Phrases with ‘treasure’ and versions of beauty and perfection that made any other words a dull note in comparison.
Her eyes tracked every inch as she fought for breath and sanity. He disappeared and reformed on the raised platform and her gaze tracked up to his as he stalked forward. Warm masculine heat and the scent of aroused male washed over her. She sucked in a deep breath and wasn’t sure she could stay standing as he crowded her against the pole.
His head dipped closer and she felt shivers along her skin as his warm breath and deep voice played along her senses. “Your name?” He teased her with his scent just inches away but not touching her, tempting her as he waited for her answer.
Words wouldn’t come. She moaned and circled one hand behind his neck; the first touch of his skin electrified her. She pulled him in and his lips caught hers in a kiss that took her breath, sapping her ability to do anything but accept the pleasure. His fingers found her hair and dug into the thick waves as he ruled her mouth aggressively. He didn’t coax, he took, demanded until she was a writhing mess on weak legs. She whimpered as she slid her leg up his leather-clad thigh, needing pressure on her aching clit.
One big palm gripped her thigh as he ground his thick erection into her sweet spot.
She moaned as her shaky fingers tracked down his wide muscled chest to his waistband. She was riding wave after wave of desire and the urgency only made her clumsy. Her eager fingers finally released the button and worked the zipper to slide her greedy hand in to cradle him. He was so hot and thick, and the skin was so silky smooth she wanted to rub it all over her.
He growled and released her lips long enough to look into her eyes. They flew through the air, teleporting together, blending as one in the most erotically charged experience she’d ever imagined. They reformed on the bar. Her back was against the hard wood as his lips trailed along her neck. She cried out, she felt as if they’d become one during the teleport, and her body was on fire, as if she would die if he didn’t get inside her now.
“Put your hands above your head,” he demanded and she couldn’t breathe to speak.
She did as he said without thought as incoherent whimpers escaped her lips.
“Tell me your name, Psihi Mou.” His soul?
She squirmed in his hold. Something in the way he said the endearment slipped under her skin, making her ache that much more. If he thought she was capable of forming words, he was out of his mind.
It was impossible to think when his warm fingers pushed the cup of her bra so that her breasts were trapped above the lace, her nipples stiff and needy. She cried out when the warmth of his breath slid over them and his wet mouth was on her, suckling in hard pulls that left her a keening mess. She arched her back for more contact. He moved to the other one and wrapped his lips around it and held her eyes as he sucked hard enough that she groaned as tremors racked her body.
His eyes grew impossibly darker and more intense. The short release only seemed to make her needier; it wasn’t enough. Her hand came down, yanking and pulling at the heavy material of his shirt. “Off,” she demanded as the leather ripped down the back seam. His weight and throbbing erection pulsed into the soaked material of her panties; she needed them off, needed him inside. She felt dizzy. Her body was strained with such intense sensation she didn’t think she’d live through it.
He ran the short whiskers of his goatee against the curve of her breast. The friction only added to her anguished need.
“Tell me your name.” His eyes held hers and she fell into their deep erotic thrall. His breathing was ragged and she couldn’t believe he wasn’t already giving them what they both needed. He looked so demanding above her, so incredibly animalistic and beautiful.
She pulled at the remains of the leather shirt, but the front stayed braced between them and he wasn’t helping. She was so far gone she couldn’t care less about names or anything that didn’t involve his skin on hers. She was soaked in desire and he was wearing too many damned clothes.
He captured her wrists and held them together in one hand above her head as he lifted and ripped the front of the shirt free. “Is this what you wanted to see? To feel?”
About the Author:
Setta Jay is the author of the popular Guardians of the Realms Series. She's garnered attention and rave reviews in the paranormal romance world for writing smart, slightly innocent heroines and intense alpha males. She loves writing stories that incorporate a strong plot with a heavy dose of heat. Her influences include Judith McNaught who she feels writes a smart heroine to perfection, Gena Showalter, Maya Banks and Lora Leigh. You can often find her writing compared to JR Ward, but if you are a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood be warned that Setta Jay's novels are more erotic in nature.
Born a California girl, she currently resides in Idaho with her husband of ten plus years who she describes as incredibly sexy and supportive.
She loves to hear from readers so feel free to ask her questions on social media or send her an email, she will happily reply.
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