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Book Blast & Interview: Wildest Dreams by @StrlngGry

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clip_image002Wildest Dreams

Sweet Dreams Series

Book 1

Stefany Rattles

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1500659530


Number of pages: 172

Word Count: 50,863

Cover Artist: Stefany Rattles

Book Description:

When nineteen year old Alaina Sanders scores a position as an assistant at L&A law firm where her lifetime crush Rayden Matthews happens to work, feelings and emotions from the past resurface. With the physical attraction stronger than ever, soon they find themselves in a complicated situation. Rayden is engaged to his high school sweet-heart, but things are not what they seem and Rayden must make a choice before it’s too late.

L and A is Alaina’s first professional job, needless to say that the last thing she wants is drama or to lose her job. Unfortunately she finds herself surrounded by a series of events that are out of her control… like a stalker for one.

When her work and personal life intertwine, how will she be able to handle them? In a boring town like Springdale, Arkansas how much worse can things get for Alaina?

Book Trailer:

Available at Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Free download for the Kindle Feb 23 and Feb 24


The first time that I saw Rayden Matthews, I was in seventh grade. We were both on a bus on our way to school I was talking to my friend at the time, Daisy.

"I'll give you back your homework before you go to math class." she was saying.

I nodded, 'Okay, don't forget because if I don't turn it in today I’ll get an__ Ow!"

My hair had been pulled.

That day, I had it up in a ponytail and it wasn't short.

I turned around in my seat and scowled at the stupid boy that pulled it.


There were two of them.

"What was that for?" I glared at both of them.

They both looked a little older than me about two years but not much.

The boy sitting by the window pointed at his friend who was intentionally looking away from me.

Daisy giggled beside me.

Since neither one responded I turned back around in my seat and forgot about them, that is, until my hair was lightly pulled again.

"Hey!" I spun around, "why are you bugging me?"

The boy by the window laughed hard while his friend turned a little red, "he likes you," explained the friend.

I looked from one to the other, trying to figure out if it was a joke. But as I looked at the kid that wouldn't look me in the eye I could tell he was blushing.


He was cute.

"What's your name?" I asked him and just when he met my eyes and was about to answer, the bus came to an abrupt stop and all the kids jumped out of their seats shoving one another.

The kid that liked me and his friend quickly walked past me and left the bus. Daisy and I shared a confused look and then we both stepped off the bus.

"His name's Rayden," said Daisy as she handed me back my math homework, "he's in the ninth grade."

We were both now in the cafeteria getting lunch. Daisy had told me that she had seen the kid -Rayden- before, she had friends who had friends who were friends with him. Finding out his name was not going to be a problem, she'd said.

In a matter of hours she managed to find out what it was.

"Ninth grade?" I asked a little skeptical.

She gave me a look. "That's only two years! It's not like's old or something."

Conversation stops for a few minutes while we get our tray with food and sit to eat.

"So anyway, his name's Rayden Matthews, he's in the ninth grade and he's cute." So Daisy thought so too, well that made two of us.

I rolled my eyes. “Do you see him anywhere?” I asked while I looked around the cafeteria myself but there were too many kids, hard to find one out of over a hundred.

Daisy shook her head, “he’s a ninth grader, so he’s probably the other half that eats after we do.”

She had a point.

Days later I don’t really pay attention to Rayden, I didn’t think he was taking the bus to or from school.

I didn’t see him.

Daisy wanted to talk about him and his friend, she said that his friend’s dad had been taking them to school extra early because of band practice and they also stayed after school.

I told her that I didn’t care. There were many boys and it’s not like at that point I was old enough to date yet, especially a ninth grader.

But I saw him again.

I was at the school library, looking through books. After searching for over fifteen minutes I picked one of those mystery/scary books and was ready to check out, Daisy was with me.

“Oh my god,” she covered her mouth.

I looked over at the direction where she was staring.

“Oh.” There he was, standing by a window looking at some books on a shelf. The sun light was hitting him directly and he’s hair looks a little lighter, it almost looks like there’s a halo. He’s__

Our eyes met and we stare at each other for a minute…

In that very moment, it’s like the world had stopped and it literally revolved around us. We had made a connection deeper than anything I could have felt in my life. It was a weird feeling that as young girl I could not possibly explain to anyone, ever. The only word that could come to mind was mesmerizing.

It was mesmerizing.

And then I’m being pulled.

“Ah!” Daisy is pulling my arm and I’m trying to shove her out of the way.

“Hey,” He said to me and smiles.

I smiled back.

“We have to go back to class,” said Daisy pointing at the clock on the wall.

“Fine,” I looked over my shoulder one more time. And catch Rayden looking at me and then he walked away.

I didn’t understand why Daisy didn’t want me to talk to Rayden and then other times when she where she would be such a brat.

Later I found out she had a crush on him.

Well wasn't that great!

She was my best friend for about a year until I realized what a sneaky… you know, she really was.

A little later I met Brie.

Rayden and I spoke on a few occasions. I finally got his phone number a year later and called him.

We had the longest conversations and it was nice talking to him. There were times where we even passed notes during school but it never went beyond that. I even tried to hook him up with some Costa Rican chick that he’d been crushing on but unfortunately for him -and fortunately for me- she was never interested.

Daisy transfers to a different school and as far as I know, she has no communication with Rayden.

One day I discovered he had a girlfriend, he was dating a teacher’s daughter her name wasn’t important. I still talked to him and we still wrote to each other, once in a while.

Eventually they broke up.

One day we stopped talking, I was fifteen and new to high school. I learned that he had a new girlfriend, Jessica. She had a pretty face, not a great body. But I could tell he really liked her, not because of her looks but maybe it was her personality, that’s just the kind of guy he was.

It wasn’t fair but all through high school they continued dating. I did meet someone and we started a relationship that lasted a few years, we even lived together.

But it wasn’t the same and that’s why I was single again.

I saw him from a distance for the rest of the week. We didn’t end up in the elevator together again.

Which was only a little disappointing but I got over it.

From a distance I could see a few changes in Rayden. He had more of a toned body than he used to, he had a confident walk unlike the shy boy I remembered.

I wished I could talk to him...




Character Name: Jackie Brennan

Character Bio: Jackie was born Jaqueline Gael Brennan but goes by Jackie. Originally from Dallas, Texas but she has lived all around the United States. From California to New Jersey, Jaqueline’s parents traveled a lot while she was growing up. Her mother passed away when she was fifteen, leaving her to be raised by her father who is still traveling around the world and Jackie doesn’t see much. She was involved in a serious relationship but ended up being cheated on and since then Jackie has trouble trusting men. She doesn’t like romance or at least she will not admit she does and she’s not a princess type of woman. Jaqueline likes shows like: Sons of Anarchy & Breaking Bad. Her favorite color is royal blue and she loves pastries.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Natural Strawberry Blonde. Currently- Red

Height: 5’6

Age: 21


Picture Provided by Author

Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?

 My worst quality is judging a book by its cover. I typically do this with people and is something I have been working on but you know, it takes time.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?

I sunburn easily! Ugh, it’s so hard to tan.

What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?

Hmm… well, there’s a lot of things people don’t know about me. Like for example… I don’t like children. There, I said it! I just wouldn’t know how to take care of one and they are so whiny.

What are you most afraid of?

Spiders! I hate those creepy crawly things.

What do you want more than anything?

More than anything? I want to own my own company someday. Maybe a boutique…

What is your relationship status?

I was dating this guy… well, it turns out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his baby! Can you believe that? Yeah, not happening. So now I’m single.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

I like fashion to an extent. Like I said I want to own my own boutique but it will be clothing that is suited more for people that like casual yet with a twist. Not New York Style, this will be Jackie’s style.

How much of a rebel are you?

 Big time rebel.

What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?

As of this moment, owning my own place. For a twenty one year old, I have to say it’s pretty impressive.

What is your idea of happiness?

Having a peaceful relationship, being surrounded by great friends and living life to the fullest.

What is your current state of mind?

I’m not sure. Ha ha ha!

What is your most treasured possession?

My car.

What is your most marked characteristic?


What is it that you, most dislike?

Rude people.

Which living person do you, most despise?

I don’t despise anyone right now. There’s people that I don’t really like but I wouldn’t say I despise them.

What is your greatest regret?

Not being able to say goodbye to my mother.

What is the quality you most like in a man?


What is the quality you most like in a woman?


Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

Harry Potter!

Which living person do you most admire?

Nobody. Living people are boring!

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

My skin, sometimes I feel like it’s too sensitive and that’s why it’s hard to tan.

What is your motto?

Rock on!






Stefany Rattles, lived in Los Angeles California for eight years and then moved to Arkansas and has been living there ever since. She has a full time office job and writes on her free time.

She wrote Dark Night when she was eighteen years old after it sat on her computer for several years. One day that she decided to work on it and finish it. Now, she has published 3 books, one of them is her first New Adult- Contemporary Romantic Suspense book in the Sweet Dreams Series.

She graduated Springdale High in 2007. Currently she is also attending Post University and hopes to get her degree in Computer Science.

She loves to read, write, read and write… when she’s not playing with her two little ones.






Enter to win a paperback copy at Stefany’s website

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Book Blast: Accepting Fate by @brandylrivers

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TITLE – Accepting Fate SERIES – Others of Seattle: Book 3 AUTHOR – Brandy L Rivers GENRE – Adult Paranormal Romance PUBLICATION DATE – 2-23-2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – around 70ish k PUBLISHER – Brandy L Rivers COVER ARTIST – Brandy L Rivers
Accepting Fate - Book Cover


Accept fate, or it destroys you...
Michael Nights hides his true nature. To protect his first love, his magic broke free, terrifying Amanda so badly she left. That day convinced him he was the monster she claimed. Horrified by the damage he could cause, he’s vowed to keep his power locked away.
Gwen Fate meets Mike at a party. One look and she’s captivated. Inherently curious, she wants to discover all of his secrets. What she learns compels her to help, whether or not he wants to embrace what he is.
Amanda deLuna has changed, but was it for the better? She arrives back in Seattle and offers Mike what he always wanted.
After finally learning to control his power, Mike will have to choose. The life he wished for? Or his fate? Accepting Fate - Book Wrap



Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton and Others of Seattle series. There are more Others of Edenton and Others of Seattle books in the works. As an avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. She has a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out there eventually. She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on future stories in each of the series and several other projects.


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On Sale Now – Dead Girl Walking by @writeawaybliss just #99c


Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper) by Ruth Silver

Published: November 25, 2014

Publisher: Booktrope

  Forget everything you know about grim reapers.
Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she’s brutally murdered.
Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper. She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death.   Now includes the prequel Ashes to Ashes as a bonus story in the Booktrope edition. Available in eBook & Paperback.
[caption id="attachment_10213" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Dead Girl Walking Licensed to Ruth Silver[/caption]
ON SALE FOR JUST 99 cents!!!


  “Listen, kid, I don’t care what you believe in. It’s not for me to say what’s true and untrue, real or unreal. My assignment was you. You get to be one of us, if you want it. Otherwise, you move on, life is over, kaput.” Ophelia backed away from the stranger. For the first time, she realized she didn’t feel cold and wasn’t shivering. Is this what being dead was like? “One of you?” “A grim reaper.” He held out his hand to properly introduce himself. “Edon Montgomery, head reaper and old soul.”   [caption id="attachment_10212" align="aligncenter" width="541"]Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper) Licensed to Ruth Silver[/caption]  

Author Interview

Do you have any plans to write a spin-off for Aberrant? Yes! I am currently working on an untitled project that is a prequel, spin-off. I haven't spoken much about it, but I will say there is plenty of action and a world to explore that we've barely touched in the Aberrant trilogy. What are you currently working on? I've got several writing projects underway. Forget Me Knot (Royal Reaper 2) is in edits right now with an expected Spring 2015 release. I'm also writing steamy adult fiction under the name Ravyn Rayne, which will be available this year as well. You can find those projects on Ravyn Rayne Reads. Do you have a full-time job? Writing and marketing my own novels is my full-time job. It involves far more than 40 hours a week, but I love it, so I don't mind.  

About the Author

1 lo res

Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of the Aberrant trilogy. With a passion for writing and a love of story-telling, Ruth is actively writing two series: Royal Reaper and Orenda. Her interests also include traveling, reading, and photography. Her favorite vacation destination is Australia. Ruth currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and her book blog Write Away Bliss.

Cover Reveal: My Favorite Second Chance by Author Rue @ItsNotMyFavorit

Presented by: Sparkle book Tours

My Favorite Second Chance -  The Lake Effect Series # 2by Author - Rue

Audience: NA and Adult - Genre: Romance/Contemporary; LGBT - Formats: E-book and Paperback - Publisher: Sittin’ On A Goldmine Productions - Cover by : Regina Wamba, Mae I Design - Editor : Jazmine Hale - Pages : 328 pages - ISBN-13: 978-0-9860627-3-5 (Paperback) - ISBN-13: 978-0-9860627-2-8 (eBook) -Date Published - 10 March 2015
Have you ever wished for a second chance?
The Hutchinson sisters are out of the frying pan and into the fire—just like their mother always threatened!
Gwenn is floating in the dreamy, fragile glow of her new relationship with wealthy artist, Daniel Gregory, when a blast from her past makes a triumphant return. Sure he ran out on her over a decade ago, but can she turn her back on a war hero?
Rachel is on the brink of having everything she ever dreamed of, but that’s not how things work out for Hutchinson girls. Her rock-star girlfriend is leaving for a lengthy tour and something is afoot at the bakery. The righteous hand of her mother, Shirley, can orchestrate tribulations from halfway across town.
The sisters think they can run away from their troubles on a quick trip to the heart of Mexico, when an unexpected phone call shatters that illusion.
Filled with intriguing characters, plenty of steamy romance and lovely plots twists, MY FAVORITE SECOND CHANCE will have you flushed with anticipation, blinking back tears, laughing out loud and cheering for your favorite characters.
Add to your Goodreads here
Rue graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, with a degree in Journalism. Her intimate knowledge of the Midwestern United States, the inordinate amount of time she spent in its churches’ pews and her unique parentage make her an expert on life after religion. Having moved 17 times by the time she graduated from high school Rue has seen more than her share of the Great Plains. She never stayed in one place long enough to make lasting human friends. Her best friends were all characters from her beloved books; and the love of reading led to a lifelong passion for writing.

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Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview: Dealing with Devils by @PembrokeSinclai

Dealing With Devils Banner 851 x 315



clip_image002Dealing with Devils

The Road to Salvation Series

Book 2

Pembroke Sinclair

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Booktrope

Date of Publication: January 16, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-62015-730-5


Number of pages: 170

Cover Artist: Greg Simanson

Book Description:

Dating a demon has its advantages, like helping deliver souls to Hell. Wait...what?

Katie’s world has been turned upside down. She's fallen for Josh—despite the fact that he’s a demon from Hell. Wes is finally out of her system and her life.

Convinced she can change Josh, she sets out to make him a better person, only to find out things aren’t as simple as she’d originally thought. For one thing, Josh has Katie help him deliver souls to Hell, and she kind of likes it. And to top it off, other more powerful demons are battling for her soul, and revelations from the past could change the course of her life forever.


KATIE LEANED AGAINST the railing, staring into the night. A warm breeze touched her face, bringing with it the scent of salt and fish. Every so often, droplets of water touched her skin as the waves lapped against the side of the boat. The bass from the music that played behind her vibrated through her feet and into her chest. Lights flashed at her back, throwing her shadow onto the waves below in spastic fashion. She took a deep breath and squinted her eyes. On the far horizon, just to her right, she could barely make out the lights of Liberty Island. She sighed again and leaned forward farther, resting her elbows on the railing.

She had always wanted to see New York. She and Deb had tentatively planned a trip for the summer after graduation, before going to college. Katie thought maybe it would be a trip to orient herself with the city—attending college in the city was high on her list of things she wanted to do—but she hadn’t decided where to go yet. In fact, it was the last thing on her mind at the moment. She needed to get her life back first before deciding what she was going to do with it. As usual, when Josh had showed up in her room earlier tonight and asked her to come with him, she couldn’t bring herself to say no. She knew the possibility existed that she would be involved in something unpleasant such as witnessing Josh taking a soul, but she told herself she was going to stop it this time. She wouldn’t stand idly by.

Arms wrapped around her waist, and the heat from a body penetrated into her back. She leaned into the familiarity and placed her hands over his. This was also why she hadn’t refused his request. She enjoyed the safety she felt in his arms. The way the world melted away and only the two of them existed.

“What are you doing out here?” Josh whispered in her ear.

She shrugged. “I needed some air. It was hot in there.”

Why was it so comfortable in his arms? Why did it feel safe? It shouldn’t. His nearness should have made her skin crawl and nausea creep into her gut. He was a demon, an unholy creature that thrived on human misery. Yet, that wasn’t how he acted. He cared about her, protected her, kept his promises to her, actually wanted to be with her. He had completely turned the few notions she had of good and evil upside down and instilled curiosity in her. She wanted to know about his world. And that should have been distressing to her. Despite the comfort and safety Josh offered her, she knew he was dangerous. Katie had experienced first-hand how demonic he could be. He had used her to get to Wes. But more distressingly, he’d threatened to kill her mom. How could she stay with him? A part of the reason she did was to keep her mom safe. How had her life gotten so messed up?

“It’s a nice night.” He nuzzled against her neck. “But I really need you to help me inside.”

She nodded. “Sure.”

She took a deep breath and stiffened. This was her moment. She had to stay strong in her resolve to stop the soul gathering from happening.

He loosened his grip on her waist, and she turned to go inside with him. When she faced him, he placed his arms around her shoulders and softly kissed the tip of her nose.

“On second thought, we have a few minutes. Let’s enjoy it.”

She relaxed slightly. A few minutes would be nice. Katie smiled and placed her hands on his hips. She hooked her middle fingers around his belt loops, and he pulled her into his body. His heart beat against her. His arms tightened around her shoulders. Once again, the net of safety dropped around her. Once again, the world melted away. Nothing mattered but being in his arms. She closed her eyes and inhaled the spicy scent of his cologne.

Her pocket vibrated, pulling her out of her reverie. She released Josh and moved to get the phone out. He stepped back to give her space. It was late, who would be texting her right now? Crap! What if it was her mom? Katie didn’t think her mother had a habit of peeking in on her in the middle of the night, but she wasn’t entirely sure either. No, it couldn’t be her mom. If she discovered Katie missing she wouldn’t text, she would call. She stared at the screen and frowned.

“It’s a text from Deb.”

Deb and Katie often talked into the night, but this was late, even for her. It must have been important.

Josh positioned himself against the rail and stared at the distant lights of the city. “What does Deb have to say?” His tone was indifferent, disinterested.

Katie opened the message and read it. She inhaled a sharp breath. Shock settled into her stomach like a rock. She took a few steps backward until she felt the support of the rail against her back. Josh turned and slid closer to her, cocking his head to the side to get a better view of the screen.

“What does it say?”

“Paul’s dead.”

The words barely came out of her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was actually saying them. She hadn’t known the guy well, but the news affected her deeply. Her mind went back to the last time she saw him—at the reservoir. The look on his face as Josh took his soul was clear in her mind. Dizziness swept over her.

“Huh. Well, it’s to be expected.” Josh turned back around and stared into darkness.

Katie turned to him, her mouth agape. She studied the side of his face, trying to read his expression. Was he really that cold and heartless? His gaze finally met hers.

“You can’t live without a soul, Katie.” The words were matter-of-fact.

Her breath caught in her throat. “You did this to him?”

She reminded herself that he was a demon. He was that evil.

He shrugged. “In a manner of speaking. I just gave him an option. It was up to him if he wanted to take it. He could have made different choices.”

Katie’s head spun faster. She shouldn’t have been surprised at Josh’s reaction. He was a creature from Hell and acting accordingly. But at the same time, it seemed so out of character from the way he acted with her. He showed compassion with her, caring. More often than not, he acted human. This callous side shouldn’t have surprised her, but it did. Why? And what about her? Why hadn’t she done anything? She was there, she could have intervened, told Paul to run, but she didn’t. She had just stood there like an idiot and watched the whole thing happen. In her defense, she didn’t know he would die. Would she have acted differently if she had known? Yes, she would have. Still, did that excuse her inaction?

“What about the guy at the club?” The words croaked out of her mouth. She was fairly certain she already knew the answer to the question.

“Same outcome. Again, Katie, you can’t live without a soul. We all die. Some just choose to go a little sooner than others.”

Her chest felt tight. Breathing became difficult. Guilt coursed through her body. She should have done something. She should have tried harder. She shouldn’t have let them give away their souls.

“Hey, it’s all right.” Josh’s voice was low, comforting. He gently rubbed her arm. “There was nothing you could have done to save them. I would have gotten what I wanted no matter what.”

Katie opened her mouth to speak, but the words never came out. A door to her left slid open, blaring music poured into the air. A boy and a girl not much older than Katie stumbled onto the deck.

“Jossssh!” the girl called. “There you are.”

She wore a powder blue bikini that barely covered her. Katie’s eyes drifted up and down the girl’s body. She was well muscled and well endowed—Katie had no doubts she was an athlete. As tall as she was, she could have been a basketball player. She obviously spent a lot of time in the sun. Her skin glowed golden brown. Her blue eyes seemed hazy, but Katie imagined they normally glowed. She was pretty. Katie glanced down at herself briefly. She definitely wasn’t as tan as the other girl. Katie wasn’t in bad shape—she worked out for volleyball and in the off season—but she didn’t think her muscles were as well defined. She crossed her hands over her chest and shrank back slightly.

The guy wasn’t bad, but definitely not Katie’s type. He was a bit thin. His swim trunks hung from his bony hips. She thought one wrong move would send them to the floor. His ribs were visible, and his cheeks seemed sunken in. He brown hair was slicked back on his head, and his eyes were glassy, like the girl’s.

As the girl stepped toward them, she lurched to the left and almost fell over. The only thing that saved her from hitting the deck was the guy holding her arm. Katie was amazed nothing popped out of the scant material on her body. Her drink splashed out of her cup, and the tang of alcohol hit Katie’s nose. The pair stepped up to them, with the girl sliding along the rail until she was pressed against Katie’s body, which made her even more uncomfortable and afraid to move. She was probably the only reason the girl was upright. What in the world were these two doing? Were they just two drunk kids that wandered onto the deck and had no respect for other people’s boundaries? It didn’t matter. Katie had other things to worry about. She was analyzing what she could have done differently with Paul. Josh stepped closer, sandwiching her between bodies.

“Meg, Scott. We were just on our way back in.” Josh smiled and leaned closer to Katie. “This is Katie, guys.”

Meg turned her glassy red eyes to Katie and pushed herself upright. She held out her hand, which Katie took. It felt like she was gripping a dead fish.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Meg slurred. “Josh told us a lot about you. Didn’t he, Scott?” She turned to the boy behind her and giggled.

He laughed and averted his gaze to the deck. “He did.”

Katie smiled nervously and glanced from the pair to Josh. Her stomach tingled with anticipation. It was slowly dawning on her that she was expected to help Josh steal another soul. Maybe even two. She shook herself mentally. She needed to focus. She couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t be responsible for another death.

Meg grabbed Katie’s arm and pulled her away from the railing. The action was abrupt, and Meg had more strength than Katie thought possible. Where were they going? Should she say something now? But what? Nothing came readily to mind. She allowed herself to be pulled slowly across the deck and back inside.

“C’mon,” Meg said. “You have to check out the sauna.”

Katie glanced over her shoulder at Josh and pushed her eyebrows together. “Sauna? Isn’t it hot enough out here for you?”

Josh smiled and raised his eyebrows. “It’s never hot enough here.”

Meg giggled. “Plus, it’s private.”

Katie returned her gaze forward, following the path in which she was being led. They pushed their way through the crowd that was writhing and gyrating to the pulsating music. Sweaty limbs rubbed against Katie’s exposed skin, chests and backs squeezed her as she turned sideways to get by. Lights reflected off tanned skin in a haze of red, blue, and yellow, with the flashing strobe making everyone appear to be moving in slow motion. Or were they actually moving in slow motion? Had Josh slowed time down? Katie wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter. She had to stay focused on her task.

Katie contemplated slipping out of Meg’s grasp and disappearing into the crowd, but where would she go? It wasn’t like she had a lot of options on a ship, and she needed Josh to get her home. She couldn’t risk upsetting him and getting trapped so far away. How would she explain that to her mom? Oh, God! Mom! Would Josh threaten her life again if Katie messed up his plans to take these souls? She felt sick to her stomach. What was she going to do?

The crowd thinned, and they stepped into a dimly lit hallway. Meg continued to pull Katie along, while Scott and Josh trailed behind. Scott stared at the two girls through hooded eyelids and licked his lips. Katie could only imagine what ideas were running through his alcohol-soaked brain. The thought didn’t comfort her. Meg opened a door and skipped into the middle of the dark room. A rectangle of light from the doorway barely illuminated her. She threw her arms into the air.

“Ta da!” she yelled, obviously feeling proud of herself.

Katie couldn’t tell what there was to be excited about; the room was dark. When the door closed behind her, it was cloaked in complete blackness. Katie wrapped her arms around her chest. Someone touched the small of her back as they walked by, causing her to stiffen. A light clicked on and bathed the room in soft orange. It was an impressive bedroom with a king-sized bed to her left flanked with nightstands on either side. Large windows looked out onto the black ocean, and drawers and shelves lined every wall, except the one to her right, which had a door. Katie assumed that probably led to the sauna. Everything was accented in gold. Had Katie been in there for a different reason, she would have taken the time to appreciate the rich beauty, but as it was, she didn’t let her gaze wander too far from the people in the room.

Scott walked over to Meg and wrapped his arms around her waist. She tossed her arms around his neck and plastered her lips against his. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths and filled the room with moist sucking sounds. Katie tightened her arms around her body. After several uncomfortable minutes, the pair broke the kiss and turned toward Katie. Josh stepped up behind her and placed his arm around her shoulders. Meg held her hand out to them.

“Come over here and join us.” Her tone was low and seductive.

Katie’s body tensed once again. She didn’t want to join them. This wasn’t her thing. Her legs itched to run out of the room, but Josh’s arm kept her in place.

“Gladly.” Josh smiled. “But I believe you said you would give me something in return for bringing Katie in here.” Josh gently squeezed Katie’s shoulder.

Now! Katie’s brain screamed. Now is your chance to stop this. Say something! But the words were stuck in her throat. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She looked at Josh in desperation. Was he doing this to her? Why couldn’t she speak?

Meg started giggling, which caused Scott to laugh.

“Right,” Scott said after taking a breath. “Our souls.” He gestured with his hand for Josh to approach. “So come get them.” He and Meg started laughing again.

Josh stepped forward, a smile of evil satisfaction on his face. Ice entered Katie’s veins as he approached with his arms outstretched.

“No,” she said under her breath, finally finding her voice. “I can’t take part in this.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t loud enough to deter Josh or warn the two teens.

She had to get away. Perhaps a drastic action would be enough to stop the gathering from happening. Mustering all the strength she could, she turned and ran out of the room. Hopefully it was enough. She heard Josh call her name, but she didn’t stop until she ran into a rail. Glancing down, she saw the dark water gently lapping the side of the boat. She inhaled ragged breaths. Her stomach ached, her knees went weak. Slowly, she sunk to the deck. Why couldn’t she speak? She wanted so desperately to stop him, and she couldn’t. She failed. She allowed two more people to have their souls taken because of inaction. Or did she? Maybe she freaked them out and they changed their minds. She could only hope. But what about Josh? What was he going to say? Was he going to be upset? Was he going to do something drastic? She should go back, but she couldn’t make her body comply with the command to stand up.

She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against the rail. A groan escaped her lips. She felt like a horrible person. Why did she allow this to keep happening? Why didn’t she have the strength to fight it? Footsteps sounded on the deck, and Katie looked up. Josh approached and sat down next to her. Katie wanted to apologize for running away, ask him not to be mad at her, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. She laid her head on his shoulder.

“It was a lot to take in at the moment,” he said softly. “Too many emotions to process at one time.” He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her head. “But you still did a great job.”

The words did little to comfort Katie. She was still worried about what would happen down the road.

His lips found hers, and Katie lost herself in the kiss. His mouth opened slightly, so Katie opened hers. His tongue found hers, and Katie pulled herself closer to his body. That helped relieve some of her concerns. Maybe he wasn’t angry with her. That would be such a relief. Something clanked against her teeth. Confused, she tried to pull away, but Josh held her tight. Whatever was in her mouth found its way down her throat. Panic tightened her chest. What was going on? She tried harder to pull away, digging her nails into his arms and nearly choking on whatever was making its way toward her stomach. Her arms sagged as she was engulfed by warmth, followed by a tingling sensation that started in her stomach and spread out to her extremities. A feeling of peace washed over her.

Josh released her from the kiss but continued to hold her close. Katie was thankful. Her body felt light, airy, like it would float away. A sensation of giddiness passed through her, followed by excitement. It reminded her of feelings she’d felt as a child when she rushed to the tree on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought her. A sense of hope surged through her. She turned to Josh. His features seemed clearer, his skin glowed with a golden hue. The blue of his eyes seemed brighter, his touch warmer and softer. She gently touched his face, and his lips curled into a smile. The tingling in her body grew more intense. Josh’s gaze and embrace held the promise of eternity. She didn’t want him to let go. She wanted the feeling to last forever, and she wanted to continuously feel it with him.

“What did you give me?” Her voice came out as a whisper.

“A soul.” He leaned forward and kissed her again.


Character Name: Katie Barrett

Character Bio: I am a senior in high school, and I thought I knew where my life was going, and then I was thrown a curve ball. Who else knew that demons actually existed?


Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?

Well, there’s not a lot I can say. I used to think I was normal, but that’s not the case anymore. Turns out, I’m pretty abnormal. Part of my soul is inhabited by an ancient demon who has a desire to destroy humanity. I guess you could say that’s both my best and worst quality because I get to rid the world of evil, but I’m helping evil do it. It’s incredibly convoluted.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?

That I’m constantly conflicted with how my life has gone and is going. Everything I thought I knew about good and evil has been turned upside down, and I’m not always sure where I fit in. Sometimes, I act or think in a contradictory fashion, but it’s because I’m confused.

What are you most afraid of?

I’m afraid that my life isn’t my own. That others are manipulating me and I’m too na├»ve to see it.

What do you want more than anything?

To have my life go back to normal.

What is your relationship status?

My boyfriend is a demon from Hell.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

Meh. I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about it, but I’m not a slob either.

How much of a rebel are you?

Wow. This is a tough question to answer. I would have never pegged myself as a rebel, but then I started dating a demon. That’s going against the norm, isn’t it?

What is your idea of happiness?

My idea of happiness would be for Josh and I to have a regular relationship. One that didn’t involve harvesting souls and taking them to Hell. It would be nice just to go to the movies or dinner.

What is your current state of mind?

I’m confused and angry. I want a better understanding of this new world I have been thrust in, but finding answers can be hard.

What is your most treasured possession?

My soul.

What is it that you, most dislike?

Being told that my decisions are wrong. They’re my decisions. I have to live with the consequences, so how could they be wrong?

What is your greatest regret?

That I didn’t get Wes out of my life sooner.

What is the quality you most like in a man?


What is the quality you most like in a woman?

Same as above. It seems like all my friends aren’t being honest with me, and that irritates me like no other.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I wouldn’t be so insecure.



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In 2009, eTreasures Publishing published my first novel, a sci fi adventure story. Since then, they have published my two YA zombie novels, my religious zombie novella, two children’s picture books, and two novellas with romantic elements. I have an urban fantasy novel about dragons and a vampire novelette that was published by MuseItUp Publishing. Musa Publishing has published my novelette with romantic elements and a collection of short stories. I have a middle grade urban fantasy novel that was published by Little Devil Books. My nonfiction book about slasher films was published by Scarecrow Press.

Writing is my passion. I enjoy creating fantastic worlds and memorable characters. I’m an active promoter of my works and love to talk to readers at book signings and readings. Doing giveaways on Goodreads has been an exciting experience, and having contests for readers has been fun. I actively promote various authors on my blog and participate in blog tours to promote my own work.

I write under several different pen names. For my children’s titles, I write under J.D. Pooker, and for my YA and adult novels, I write under Pembroke Sinclair. My nonfiction work is done under my real name.

I am a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and am on a committee to create membership criteria for iPAL, which is a sister group to the Published Authors Liaison group and focuses on independent and self-published authors. I am also a member of the ALA and really enjoy doing library visits.







Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview: Blue Words by @_Matt_Edwards_

Blue Words Banner 851 x 315_thumb[1]



clip_image002_thumb[1]Blue Words

MC Edwards

Genre: Contemporary/Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Warpath Print

Date of Publication: 30/11/14

ISBN: Paperback - 978-0994172303

ISBN: e-book - 9780994172310


Number of pages: 334

Word Count: 110,000

Cover Artist: Geoff Craig

Book Description:

Common threads have always woven through the world's mythology and folklore, strings which seem to link cultures divided by the vastness of oceans and time.

Have you ever wondered why? What if I told you that they all stem from a single origin.....the Varth-lokkr. Within this ancient creature's blood, stirs the power to save or enslave the world as we know it, a power ignited by a simple word. But which does it truly desire?

This dark urban fantasy follows one of these creatures through its emergence into 21st century Australia. It chronicles the rise of those who oppose it, those who ally themselves with it and those who are unwillingly drawn into its wake.

Shed the blood. Speak the words. Change the world.

Book Trailer:

Available for Purchase at Warpath Print

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"Don't move or we'll fire," ordered one of the guards, his voice shook and his trigger finger twitched. Gudrik glared at him and swiftly shot towards George, who was now leaning over the stainless steel top rail, still scouring for an escape which didn't exist. The guards began to fire wildly at him. They may not have seemed overly competent, but they could shoot. Several projectiles tore through Gudrik's flesh as he moved, spattering blue onto the grass. Startled by the gunshots, George spun just in time to see the scruffy relic hurtling towards her. A bullet buried into Gudrik's knee. He stumbled. Before she had a chance to react, Gudrik crashed into George. His momentum forced her backwards, toppling them both indigently over the safety railing in a tangled mess of arms and legs.

The pair rocketed towards the ground. George screamed profanities so coarse that they blistered the very air around her. She scrambled and flailed as if trying to climb back up Gudrik's body. He wrapped himself tightly around her. "Earvictius groot," he bellowed.

His bullet wounds glowed, and the tender flesh surrounding them began to transform into cold, speckled granite. The stone rapidly spread along his limbs and across his abdomen, searing with pain as it went. He cringed and grated his teeth. As it spread across his chest and onto George she began to scream as though he were slashing chunks of flesh from her. Thankfully, the agony did not linger and in the blink of an eye, stone had completely swallowed both of them. No matter how hard she tried George could not move. It was both claustrophobic and frightening.

The living statues whistled closer and closer to the ground. Until......SMASH! They crashed unhindered onto the roof of a parked car. Glass and shrapnel exploded from the vehicle as they tore through the chassis and into the road beneath.

Just as painfully as it had spread, the rock retreated returning the flesh to its vulnerable state, leaving it sensitive and speckled with sweat. Both lay for a moment of recovery. Their chests heaved deeply as they came to terms with what had just happened. Gudrik crawled out of the mangled wreck and climbed to his feet. "Are you harmed?" he grunted, lifting George to her feet.

She was pale and disheveled with blank shock clouding her eyes. Time was of the essence. Gudrik slapped her across the cheek. Fire filled her blank eyes. She swung a punch, which he avoided. He grabbed her shoulders and repeated his question, "Are you harmed?"

"I-I'm confused as hell," she responded, panicked, but glad to be alive. "But fine. I think. Yes fine. Definitely ok," she stammered nervously, quickly checking her body over for injuries and pulling her dress down to cover the lacy black panties on show to the world. Her hand quickly went to her locket, checking it was still there. "Was I made of stone then?” Gudrik ignored her question. His attention was otherwise occupied. By that stage, a huge crowd of onlookers and good Samaritans had gathered around their impact point.

"We must keep moving."

He dragged his hand along a twisted shard of the car's metal shell and spoke, "Unjallius.”

Gudrik groaned as huge, white wings tore from the flesh of his back in a puff of loose feathers and a splatter of blue. They stretched to a massive, elegant span and quivered in the sun. The suit jacket and shirt were left torn and tattered, spattered, stained and hanging in shreds from Gudrik's muscled shoulders. The stunned onlookers stepped back in awe. He grasped the confused woman tightly and with a few powerful beats of his mighty wings launched the two of them into the sky.

George clung tightly as they whipped and glided through the city. They weaved between the highrise buildings, slowly gaining altitude and suddenly plunging toward the ground as Gudrik negotiated the unpredictable up-drafts above the busy city streets. George was not as terrified as her brain insisted she should be. She loved the speed, she loved the wind and she loved the gaping faces of the populous below. It all exhilarated her. Gudrik's grasp was gentle and caring, but still so firm and reliable that there was no fear of falling.

Finally, Gudrik surged up and breached the top of the sky scrapers. The onlookers below were now nothing more than ants. George released her grip on Gudrik and shielded her eyes. The sun was much fiercer up there without the buildings' protection. She swivelled and squirmed as she gathered bearings. "Land on those cliffs over there," George said pointing at a small lookout point above the river.

Gudrik dived and swooped in, gently putting the two of them down on the grass in a rapid flutter of tiny wing beats. "Gratitude," Gudrik grunted as the wings collapsed into a sprinkling of blood.


Character Name: Gudrik & George

Character Bio: When George accidently set Gudrik upon the world she had no idea exactly how much it would change her life. The excitement of a brand new job instantly erupted into a world chaos, blood, tattoos and ancient vendettas. She certainly never predicted the way their conflicting personalities would weave themselves together to form a loving, yet infuriating bond.

George Dreamcast - cassieGudrik Dreamcast - Charlie Hunman

Pictures provided by the author.

Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?

George: Worst is easy, my temper. I get a bit punchy sometimes. As for the best…….it’s hard, I have so many amazing qualities. His best is definitely his fit, never aging body, his worst, his brutality. Killing just comes so naturally to him, it’s really quite terrifying when he gets that look in his eyes.

Gudrik: I am a product of my life, instinct is not something easily changed.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?

George: I’m not stupid and I’m not a psycho, despite how I might come across.

Gudrik: Cough.

George: No Gudrik, I’m not.

Gudrik: It was a genuine cough.

George: Bull#^&*. Anyway, I’m really not, I just panic in some situations. When I panic I get mad at myself and when I get mad at myself I get mad at everyone else. There have been a lot of those situations lately.

What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?

Gudrik: My biggest secret was that I am two millennia old and shed blood as blue as a summer sky, but I fear that is no longer a secret.

George: Yeah, after the last few months, that’s not even close to a secret anymore. He watches soap operas every day, and I mean EVERY day.

Gudrik: Only to practise my English.

George: You are such a liar.

What are you most afraid of?

George: that one’s easy, losing Tabitha; she’s my two year old. As much as she drives me to drink on a daily basis, I’m not sure how I would continue without her.

Gudrik: When you have lived as long as I nothing really holds fear anymore.

George: What, so you aren’t scared of losing me?

Gudrik: I would deal with it.

George: As$%^*.

What do you want more than anything?

Gudrik: To finally grow old and die. I hold many suspicions of what waits on the other side, and curiosity gnaws at me.

George: We that’s depressing, even for you. I just want to see my little girl grow up to happy and healthy, and I guess I would like him to be around too.

What is your relationship status?

George and Gudrik examine each other.

George: We are together, but constantly at war.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

George: He would happily walk around naked, jeans and t-shirt would be the pinnacle of his fashion achievements. I think I am pretty fashion savvy though. I favour dark colours and I like a tight fit, well for as long as my curves allow for it.

Gudrik: What is a woman without her curves?

How much of a rebel are you?

Gudrik: I simply do what must be done, whether it is popular or not. Her on the other hand, she finds pleasure in being against whatever the majority supports.

George: I do not!

Gudrik : You do.

George: Well, the majority are all idiots.

What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?

Gudrik: I have saved mankind on several occasions.

George: Pft! That’s nothing; I have raised a two year old on my own without killing her.

What is your idea of happiness?

Gudrik & George: Our beach house.

Gudrik and George interlock fingers and smile.

George: Well what do you know, we agree on something.

What is your current state of mind?

Gudrik: Vigilant.

George: Ugh, you’re always so serious. I’m kind of hungry I guess, but happy…….and content.

What is your most treasured possession?

George: My daughter and my locket.

Gudrik: My uncle’s wand.

What is it that you, most dislike?

Gudrik: The false sense of superiority bred into modern society.

George: Geez, you may look like a twenty year old, but you are such and negative, grim old man at heart. I hate One Direction.

Which living person do you, most despise?

Gudrik: He is dead.

George: I’ve got to say I was thinking of the same guy he was, but let’s not go there.

What is your greatest regret?

Gudrik: Regret is a wasted emotion.

George: He has regrets, but good luck getting them out of him. I regret that Tabitha will never know her father, but at the same time, I’m glad she will know Gudrik.

What is the quality you most like in a man?

George: I have no criteria really and to be honest I don’t know what drew me to Gudrik. Even the few things I do usually go for in a man don’t match him at all. It’s almost as if it was just meant to be.

What is the quality you most like in a woman?

George: Answer this very carefully Gudrik.

Gudrik: I have always been drawn to strong women who could look after themselves. George definitely falls into that category.

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

Gudrik: I have no time for fiction.

George: Once again…….soap operas Gudrik. I read a lot of Pepper Pig with Tabitha. She would be the closest thing I could claim to a favourite hero from the last couple of years.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Gudrik: If I were to change anything, even my darkest moments, I would not be who I am today.

George: As much as I hate to admit it, I think he’s right.

What is your motto?

Gudrik: Say what you mean, do what you must.

George: Do what I say or duck.


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M.C. Edwards, or Eddie as he is known to his mates, grew up in a coastal town on the picturesque Central Queensland coast of Australia. He has travelled to many corners of the world and has a love of all things bizarre. He enjoys motorcycles, beards, comics, videogames and the taste of a fine single malt scotch. In his writing he crafts immersive worlds which mix reality and fantasy to create a strangely believable mix.

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