Sunday, February 23, 2014

Att Authors! Creature Feature Saturdays


Att all paranormal authors. I will be setting out my Saturdays each week, starting March 1st, for a creature feature day. This Saturday I will be featuring books with vampires in them. If you have book with vampire in them and would like to be added to this day simply email the following:

Cover, Blurb, YA/NA/Adult, buy links, you twitter handle and facebook link. All entries must reach me by Thursday of each week. Keep an eye on my facebook page for more updates regarding the other days.

There will be one big blog post containing each audience genre for example one for YA, one for NA and one for Adult. On facebook and twitter they will be posted separately starting with YA and ending with Adult. I will be tagging you in the posts.

Email all entries to

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