Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 * Review - The Ultimate Killer (Battles in the Dark #2) by @Kim_L_Clark

The Ultimate Killer (Battles in the Dark #2)

by Kimberley Clark



The Ultimate Killer (Battles in the Dark #2)The Ultimate Killer by Kimberley Clark
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kira awakens into a whole new world, one where she have become the very creature she was trying to stop. Weakened by their queen she if forced to endure her stay with the Hunrati but Kira is determined to escape. But the question is, how far is she willing to go?

Around Kira the world suffers under the Hunrati, even her friends and greatest love. Finally when Kira succeeds to earn their trust she is allowed to use her new powers, but when her opponent’s is revealed, her world is tumbled into chaos once more. Can Kira defeat the evil queen and safe her friends? Or are they all doomed?

Wow Kira is back she is packing a whole new level of power. Now Hunrati she is even more epic than before. There were times in the story that broke my heart. Thrust into a situation like hers, she did all she could to get out of it. What was worse was what where happening to her friends outside. The Hunrati is one case of bad mojo. Clark insured that I was gripping the book and dreading the next page, and near the end I thought I wasn’t going to make it. And then wham, her final play and I was awestruck. Clark have an amazing gift to keep her readers glued to the pages and have a talent to spin a plot into absolute amazement. Epic ride and well worth every page!

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