Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Character Interview with Ashley Leslie from The Worst Dilemma

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The second character that come forward to me was Ashley Leslie. An outgoing girl who aspires to be a model. She is also Chantrelle’s best friend and Ashton is her son. Ashley is twenty three and stands five foot seven inches tall. Her afro keeps her rooted to her Afrocentricity.

Me: Hello Ashley. How are you sweetheart?

Ashley: I’m doing very well today and you?

Me: I’m great thanks for asking. So, you don’t mind if I ask you a few things so I can get to know you better.

Ashley: Go ahead sweetie.

Me: Great. What do you really care about?

Ashley: A strong union. In other words, I highly value commitment. A person’s word is important to me.

Me: I see. You don’t like being lied to.

Ashley: No, I don’t. We’re adults. There is absolutely no reason to lie about anything, even if the truth hurts.

Me: I couldn’t agree with you more. So, what do you fear?

Ashley: Being alone. I strive hard to keep me, my son, and his father together. But, I feel as if as time goes by, I’m slowly losing my foundation.

Me: That’s a scary thought to have. Well I have to ask, what motives you to live?

Ashley: My son. Also feeling like I belong and having a strong union with the people I meet keeps me going.

Me: The innocence of a child is enough to keep anyone going. Last question, how do you think others see you?

Ashley: A woman who can keep her head held high even in the face of an insult.

Me: Wow! I’m impressed you wrapped that up in one sentence. Thank you Ashley for your time and I look forward to see you come out about your true feelings about Chantrelle.

Ashley: You’re welcome and wait what?

Me: Oh nothing. I said nothing.

Ashley: Hmm…

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