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Cover Talk with guest author Karen Greco, author of Hell’s Belle

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I am always fascinated how authors go about choosing or creating  the awesome covers we always see when hunting around for our next read. Today I invited author Karen Greco, from Hell’s Belle - today’s spotlight, to share with us how she went about it. Welcome to my blog Karen, the floor is yours.


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Cover Talk: Hell's Belle

Oh covers! I don't know if I am qualified to write a dos and don'ts post on them, but I can tell you a bit about what I learned.

First, as much as no one likes to admit it, covers matter. I knew when I started this journey, I was not going to "skimp" on the cover. (And you know what I am talking about--you can tell when someone DIYs their book cover!)

My original cover for Hell's Belle was beautiful, and by an illustrator who is quite accomplished. But.. My mistake was that it looked more like a graphic novel than an urban fantasy. I thought maybe it was edgy to get away with, and I suppose it was to an extent. But the more feedback I received, the more I knew I needed to change it.

I worked with the amazing Robin Ludwig at Covers by Robin ( and she worked with me to come up with my latest cover. While it's quite different from my original, I still think it's beautiful. What you can't see from the ebook cover is the back material that exists on the paperback. The street scene extends and includes a picture of a dog! (If you give Hell's Belle a read, you'll see why I am so excited.)

Feedback on the cover has been tremendous, with people responding that they got the book simply on the basis of the cover. So, Robin, you are amazing!


Thanks for sharing Karen, remember to check out today’s spotlight to find our more about Hell’s Belle and Karen.

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