Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Daughter of The Red Dawn by Alicia Michaels

5 out of 5 Stars
Daughter of the Red Dawn by Alicia Michaels    

Selena Mckinley lives in Twin Oaks Texas with her grandmother. She keeps to herself and has one best friend Zoe. But all eyes are on Selena because she excels in athletic abilities, abilities she just took for normal. That is until she runs into a boy that turns out to be a wolf that wants to kill her. With the help of the two grimm brothers she journeys to a world called Fallada where fae people have been waiting for her return as Princess of Damu and lead them into battle against an evil queen.

She finds that the wolf - Titus -  send to kill her was under a spell and forced to kill her. Soon her feelings for the wolf become intense and she finds love in a former enemy. But she has to accept her place in this world, and her role in it to win the first battle against evil. To embrace your destiny and overcome your fear is not that easy.  

When you're suddenly running for your life things get real crazy. Selena starts out to be unsure and scared with her destiny, but with some help she finds the courage to embrace it. Her character develops into a great warrior and princess. Titus was a perfect boyfriend and great gentleman. Seldom you see this side in male characters, he never dominated the situation but rather assisted and followed.   With a book filled with fae, my first comparison was the fever series of Karen Marie Moning, but a lot more subtle without so much adult content.

I loved the full descriptions Alicia did when we start going into Fallada and onwards. I could picture what Selena saw on her journey and that's great writing. Her writing style is easy to fall into and even adult readers won't feel lost. I must admit I can't wait for book two, this one was a remarkable and exciting journey and I won't mind another one.

My favorite quote: "Courage is a man or woman's ability to lean into that fear, to embrace it and draw strength from it,"  

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