Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Willow by Amy Richie

5 out of 5 Stars
Willow by Amy Richie    

Willow and her sister is being trained by their surrogate mother, an alpha female Bella. When ready they must become alpha leaders of their own packs, of which one female leads a pack of males.  

Willow thinks that at seventeen her day was still far in the future. That is until she and her sister Ivy starts at a new school. Willow is suddenly overwhelmed with a few boys at school that are either overprotective or snooping around in shadows. When returning home she finds a council member waiting for her with Bella.  She is ordered to take over a juvenile pack of young boys and help tame them. If she fails, these boys will be destroyed to protect other werewolves. Being the leader of six teen boys that happens to morph into werewolves is hard work. Willow struggles to keep them under control, but with the help of another male wolf she starts taking control and the boys soon find a place in her heart.   But not all is place and she learns that Bella have deceived her, and that the big bad wolf they all feared, was there all the time.  

Talk about an awesome character cast, this book had a great bunch. Willow's character was well developed and seeing her go from struggling alpha female to protecting alpha female was superb. Gage was deliciously great character too, and I loved his presence in all of this. Then you get the six boys and have to go sit in from of an air-con from all the males running around in this book.  

A lot of other books came to mind like Alpha and Omega, Bitten and the grey wolf's series. A must for werewolf lovers.

Willow was a fantastic read from start to finish. I loved the bond that she developed with the boys and Gage. Amy's writing style is easy going and I found myself at home from Chapter one. I was captivated from start to finish and finished it in one sitting. A wonderful message of courage, responsibility and protection.  

Quote from the book: "I thought all girls like pink," "Maybe human girls …when they are five,"  

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