Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Those moments when.....

Very often we wish we could reach into a book and strangle a character. It’s those times when he or she did something really stupid, like didn’t kiss the guy back. Or maybe betrayed another favourite character? Authors ensure that readers grab their screens or books and scream in frustration. Today I share of some my own moments and want to hear yours.

1.      Dimitri in Vampire Academy – for going all chicken after Lisa brought him back. I mean come on Rose loves you, stupid idiot.

2.      Quinn in Blackdagger Brotherhood - how many signals do you need? Just get it over with!

3.      Lothaire in Immortal’s After Dark - dude that’s just cruel.

4.      Artemis in The Dark Hunters series - she needs a good whipping or two. Evil witch!

5.      Sydney in The Golden Lily – What the hell! Girl Adrian just kissed you, you kiss back and say thank you!


So come and rant with me today share your own moments.


Jeanine out.

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