Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The perfect creation…

In the paranormal and urban fantasy genre, a being have been perfected to such a standard that millions of woman all over the world have developed an addiction for it. Whether this being is a vampire, werewolf or any other paranormal creature you have or not have heard of, they capture the attention of the female genre like no other.  

 This being will crawl under your skin and infuse itself to your very soul. Thousands of authors around the world have created so many versions of this being that to find and end to it would be impossible. You will be excited by the mere mention of its name. You will hunt down the next book to add to your addiction. And it will remain with you long after you closed the book. But even more this will be the only fiction base being that will touch your reality and leave an impact like no other.

This being is called an alpha male. The mere mention of an alpha male will result in an all-out global conversation of which there is no end. Authors have created this male to fit into each and every woman’s deepest and many times darkest fantasies. With males like Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series, to the Lords of the Underworld of Gena Showalter; your fantasy will never be depleted.

These males have left such an impact on woman that even in their own reality the longing for them continues. Now ladies don’t shake your heads and deny it. We all have done this, even if it was just for that thrill of the moment. From asking your man to get that tattoo you have been fantasizing about, to suggestions that will steam up windows. One way or the other we have or will try and recreate this male in our reality because of our addiction.

These males have everything a woman wants. The danger level and excitement around them will bring out that dark side that no one knows about. Their protective nature towards their love ones will leave you swooning. But what exactly was that perfect ingredient that made them an addiction? Could it be the sexy oh dear mama bodies? Or perhaps their special powers or abilities? 

For a long time I have searched for the answer and think perhaps I have found it. It’s their love that makes them so addictive. The love these males have for their females is only found in fiction. They will not cheat on her, and I mean like never. Where love slowly dies out and is left forgotten, their love is the exact opposite. Their love for their female grows stronger each day; even physically it grows resulting in marathon events.

It’s this love that has left us searching our own realities and trying to improve them. Human love has its strengths but also its weaknesses. Hearts are broken and the soul will be scarred. But with these males there is no such thing, because their females are their very reason for existing. They will concur worlds and wars just to keep her love. But even more, to hold on to undying love that will exist even after they are dust.

So ladies in short we perhaps have found the reason for our addiction. Now if only we could get the message into our human males and find the bliss these males provide in our reality. Whatever the case enjoy your daily dose of alpha male and keep on fantasizing, who knows when your real life male will catch you of guard and ignite your fantasies to an otherworldly level.

Jeanine out.

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