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Author Interview with Annie Nicholas, author of No Refuge.

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Today on the blog we have author Annie Nicholas, author of today’s book blast No Refuge. We would like to thank Annie for stopping by and sharing with us.


clip_image002About the Annie:

Annie Nicholas writes paranormal romance with a twist. She has courted vampires, hunted with shifters, and slain a dragon’s ego all with the might of her pen. Riding the wind of her imagination, she travels beyond the restraints of reality and shares them with anyone wanting to read her stories. Mother, daughter, and wife are some of the other hats she wears while hiking through the hills and dales of her adopted state of Vermont.

Annie writes for Samhain Publishing, Carina Press, and Lyrical Press.

Website: www.annienicholas.com

Blog: www.annienicholas.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Annie-Nicholas#!/pages/Annie-Nicholas/162716537103705

Twitter: https://twitter.com/annienicholas

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3132972.Annie_Nicholas

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/annienicholas/

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/yt8Kv




Did you always wanted to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?

I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. I always had a creative streak but reality struck and I was encouraged to pick a more ‘reasonable’ career that would support me better. Reading has always been part of my life. I read constantly and even won a library scholarship for college. LOL It never occurred to me to write my own books until much, much later in life.

When did you first consider yourself a “writer”?

When I started staying up all hours of the night writing my stories is when I decided my ‘hobby’ was more than that. I started researching how to get published soon after.

How long did it take to get your first book published?

I started writing July of 2008 and my first release was Jan 2010 (The Omegas). It wasn’t easy though. I wrote for hours every day and received boat loads of rejections before I found my place in the publishing world.

Do you do another job except for writing and can you tell us more about it?

I’ve been a critical care nurse for over twenty years. J A lot of my experience with people and emotions bleeds into my writing. I’ve seen it all folks. LOL

What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say?

No Refuge is about finding hope when it seems impossible. It’s a cross between Babylon 5 and Firefly.

Who is your publisher? Or do you self-publish?

I’m published with Samhain Publishing, Carina Press, Lyrical Press/Kensington, and I also self-publish.

How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it?

It depends on how invested I am in the characters and what I’m doing to them. Release, book 3 of The Angler story took me foreeeeeever. I think 6 months in total. I really love those characters, they’re my first creation and I was doing very bad things to them. It took me two months to recover after writing it, but that was my worst experience. Starved for Love took me two weeks because that character came from a younger more open version of myself. Pia just poured out of my soul so quickly. Each of her books comes quickly.

What can we expect from you in the future? ie More books of the same genre? Books of a different genre?

More books in my existing paranormal romance series. I won’t be starting any new series until theses ones are done. I am toying with a few more sci-fi stories and even if those are within a ‘series’ it’s more that they are in the same universe than within the same story arc.

Do you have a favorite character from your books? And why are they your favorite?

I think every writer falls in love with her heros. But my favorite favorite is—is, it’s so hard to pick. I guess, I’d have to say Pia, my succubus heroine from Starved for Love with a big heart and sensitive soul. She has so much potential to do evil and harm but tries so hard to be a good girl, which goes totally against her nature. I love writing her.

Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? ie You listen to music, sit in a certain chair?

My routines have changed over the years. Presently, I write directly to my computer (I sometimes have to write longhand if I’m having a block), I like to sit in a coffee shop once a week to break the monotony, and I do my best to shut off the wifi. (I fail at this most of the time.)

Do you read all the reviews of your book/books?

I read every review I can find. I can’t help it. Reading them is like crack. I do take reader feedback into account in my writing skills and what I need to improve on.

Do you choose a title first, or write the book then choose the title?

I do both. Sometimes the title comes first and I love that because trying to find a title after the book is written is so much harder.

How do you come up with characters names and place names in your books?

Finding names is hard especially if I’m writing in whole new world like Eorthe where their culture in not our culture. I look at a lot of baby name books, not just in English either. Like for the shifters in Eorthe, I use Native American words. For my Angler books, I use a lot of eastern European names. Oh, and online name generators come up with some really good ones too.

Do you decide on character traits (ie shy, quiet, tomboy girl) before writing the whole book or as you go along?

My stories start with characters. I create them first, name them, and get to know them before I can create a story. My books are very character driven so I have really know them well before I can begin writing.

Which format of book do you prefer, eBook, hardback, or paperback?

eBook all the way. For many reason. Better for the environment, cost less, author makes a better a living, and easy to transport.

Your favorite food is?


Your favorite singer/group is?

Bruno Mars

Your favorite color is?


Your favorite Author is?

Nalini Singh, JR Ward, Daryda Jones, and Jim Butcher.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing author check out the book blast below.

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